Our Philosophy

Beliefs About Learning

Based on student feedback, research into student learning, and critical reflection on established practice, UNSW has developed a set of beliefs about learning that guide education at the University. Our aim is to engage our students in active learning experiences that extend their thinking and capabilities, within an inclusive and supportive environment.

To learn more about UNSW's Beliefs About Learning, visit our education resource portal, the Teaching Gateway, via the link below.

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Scientia Education Experience (SEE)

Our distinctive UNSW Scientia Education Experience aims to empower students to realise their potential through a personalised and flexible educational experience. This experience blends the highest quality face-to-face teaching with digital education, in order to inspire curiosity and innovation across a collegiate learning community of peers, academics, employers and alumni.

UNSW students obtain a holistic education, securing the real-world practical skills needed for a rapidly evolving workplace. Through the SEE approach, our graduates are prepared to become the next generation of adaptive professionals and leaders, able to manage disruptive change and influence their communities - locally, nationally and globally.

UNSW's Scientia Education Experience is underpinned by the following four inter-related domains:

Students and staff are provided with opportunities to belong to, and are expected to contribute to, a range of internal and external communities, including scholars, learners, global partners, industry stakeholders and alumni.

Students and staff engage in scholarly dialogue and give feedback on their experiences. Lecturers receive feedback on their teaching and have a responsibility to act on that feedback.

Students are motivated to learn and are inspired by their teachers. Education is delivered through the thoughtful design of courses and programs, aligned to graduate capabilities. Inspiring teaching integrates the latest research, and the benefits of new physical and digital spaces.

Students and staff use digital technologies effectively. Traditional learning methods are supported, supplemented or replaced by the most effective digital resources, content and tools, and new opportunities for engaging students with the global community.

Encapsulating all four domains of the UNSW Scientia Education Experience is the concept of 'Students as Partners'

It is a way of thinking that positions students as change agents who share responsibility for learning and teaching with the educators. This way of thinking extends beyond student engagement that fosters active learning. It shifts students from a position of learning from the academics to learning with them. 

Strategy 2025

Our commitment to education is prominently reflected in the University's ten-year strategic plan, launched in 2015. Guided by our beliefs about learning and setting out to deliver the Scientia Education Experience, the plan highlights Educational Excellence as a key pillar of the strategy, that is of critical importance to the University's work and success. 

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