Student Academic and Career Success

We support our students’ academic and career success through a range of programs, activities and resources. These include support with academic language and learning, career development, and employability experiences within Australia and globally.

We take a student-centred approach to our work, ensuring our education practices are inclusive and developed through the Universal Design for Learning framework.







Student Learning and Development

We empower our students to succeed academically and prepare them for their future careers. Academic skills and career education are embedded within the curriculum, but students also have access to enabling courses under the University Preparation Program, general education courses, one-on-one consultations, workshops, resources and learner-assisted co-curricular programs to help them become lifelong learners. 

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Career Development Learning

Academic Language & Learning

Student Career-Ready Connections

At UNSW, we embed the latest industry knowledge into the curriculum and connect our students with professional opportunities on a global level, enabling them to build their careers with confidence, make informed decisions and align their academic journey with their career future. Our careers expos, employer presentations and industry engagement, and professional development programs take a global perspective to reflect the backgrounds and aspirations of our students.

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English Language Support Initiative

Our English language support framework aids and encourages students to develop their English language communication skills for academic and career success. English language skills are embedded within the curriculum, but students also have access to an online self-assessment tool, online resources, and online writing support (Smarthinking).

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