Educational intelligence and analytics supporting innovation

The Learning Analytics team works with educators to access, characterise and analyse how students engage with university systems in respect to their learning. For example, Moodle data and data from the analytics dashboards of external tool providers provide some evidence that can be used to enhance learning and the student experience.

The essential infrastructure for all reporting and analytics activities these provide the ‘plumbing’ enabling the creation of visualisations, data dashboards and the exploration of Learning & Teaching data with data mining approaches.

An interactive dashboard has been created to provide an internal view of all data from the Student Experience (SES), Graduate Outcomes (GOS) and Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) surveys to General Managers, Heads of School, Deans, Deputy Deans and Associate Deans of Education. Information from the dashboard is used in presentations to the University Academic Quality Committees and to review quality of teaching in program reviews. 

The myExperience reports and dashboard will be released in the next few weeks. The dashboard will allow differential levels of access based on user roles and will enable visualisation of survey data.

We have developed personalised dashboards for quiz results, providing students with a visualisation of their score on a frequency distribution for the entire quiz, and for individual questions. The dashboard also provides descriptive statistics per question in tabular form. The quiz dashboards allow students to track their progress in individual topics, and their overall progression in the course, against the rest of their cohort.