Physical and Digital Learning Spaces




At UNSW, we work hard to ensure our learning environments are active, collaborative and student-centred. As our students engage in a range of learning experiences across both physical and digital spaces, we are delivering technology-integrated spaces and systems that enhance teaching and personalise the student learning experience.

Our physical and digital spaces are flexible, accessible, and underpin the different modes of learning (face to face, blended and online) by which our students engage in their courses and programs.

How (and where) we learn and teach

UNSW's physical spaces facilitate integrated learning and teaching styles, from traditional lectures to active, blended and team-based learning, maximising the collaborative opportunities in face-to-face settings. All spaces are equipped with a comprehensive suite of AV equipment, designed to support teaching practice and enhance the student experience.

Long before 2020, UNSW had recognised the value of utilising Educational Technology to enhance learning. Our teaching is therefore delivered both face to face and online. Blended learning is supported by a range of digital environments, systems and tools integrated with our online learning platform, such as Lecture Recordings, Student Engagement and Interactivity Tools, Multimedia services and much more.  

UNSW acknowledges the changing needs of today's students, many of whom are balancing professional and personal commitments whilst undertaking their studies. Through the design of leading-edge online programs, we enable learners to access world-class education anytime, anywhere.