Education Focussed Careers

Introduced in 2017, the Education Focussed (EF) Academic role is designed to recognise and develop our most talented and innovative educators at UNSW. UNSW's 2025 Strategy set out a vision for educational excellence, including the development of EF roles to foster and reward educational excellence. The EF role offers an academic career pathway for our most passionate and innovative educators, enhancing education across UNSW through a greater focus on, and sharing of, pedagogical knowledge and teaching innovation.

EF academics are supported to succeed by the Education Focussed Career Development Team, through a diverse range of professional development opportunities and initiatives including the EF Grants, EF Communities of Practice, Lunch & Learns, EF Retreat, as well as workshops and other events. The greatest benefit of a stronger educational focus is the enrichment of the student experience at UNSW.

Centred on a formalised, clearly defined and rigorous career pathway that extends through all levels, from A to E, the EF role is focused on recognising, rewarding and developing academics who make a vital contribution to the delivery of outstanding educational outcomes for our students and the broader education community.

The EF Communities of Practice (EF CoPs) are groups of Learning & Teaching communities led by EF academics. They are cross-disciplinary, open to all UNSW staff, and dedicated to improving the design, development and delivery of educational initiatives at UNSW.

Held each year since 2017, the annual EF Retreat gathers the EF community together to reflect, share, learn, discuss common goals and challenges, participate in interactive sessions centred around educational skills and career development, and to foster deeper connections within the EF community as it continues to evolve.