Digital Learning Innovations

Our courses reimagined

Between 2017 and 2021, we made concerted efforts around re-designing our course contents, challenging the traditional delivery modes of teaching and learning. University-wide programs of work in this area, some referred to as 'digital uplifts', focused on the design, development, delivery and evaluation of online (or blended) areas of study by utilising advanced education technology.

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Examples of our work


Extended Reality Experiences

The UNSW study experience is taken to another level with embedding Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences across courses in a range of disciplines.

From helping students enter locations normally inaccessible to the public; such as labs or solar panel farms, to allowing them to 'experience' certain medical conditions, Extended Reality brings students up close with their subject matter. The 'real-life' dimension provided in this way would be unachievable within a traditional classroom setting.

View a demo: Solar farm

M2C in action

UNSW staff recording a video in the Multimedia Centre

The Multimedia Centre - Where the magic happens

Built in 2017, the Multimedia Centre (M2C) comprises of two state-of-the-art multi-media rooms for university-wide use.

UNSW staff and students can access training, multi-media services and facility bookings for the M2C. Services include filming, screencast, lightboard recordings, video editing, graphic design, and other interactive media such as animations and VideoScribe. 

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