Student Experience







Inspired Digital Learning

At UNSW, our goal is to provide unique educational offerings and opportunities for all of our students. It is fundamentally about providing personalised, accessible and flexible educational experiences. Central to this approach is our pursuit of seamless integration of technology into our learning and teaching, whether it happens in the physical classroom or in our virtual environments.

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Great Graduate Outcomes

Our UNSW students consistently secure outstanding graduate outcomes. In 2020, we achieved the ranking of first in the Group of Eight for undergraduate employment levels and for undergraduate median salaries. We were also first in Australia for postgraduate median salaries. In 2021, for the second year in a row, our students were named the most employable graduates by the Australian Financial Review.   

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Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is an important part of the student experience at UNSW - connecting learners with real world settings and future employers. WIL Central was established to support the WIL activities of UNSW students across all faculties and disciplines. It is responsible for ensuring that the WIL activities are of a high quality and maximises the benefit to students, UNSW, and partner organisations.

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The Library is the premium destination for learning and research outside the classroom or lab. It provides a huge range of resources, expert support services and a mix of different bookable and non-bookable study spaces to support students throughout their time at UNSW.

We value our students' feedback. The myExperience survey helps us better understand our students' learning experiences and create a culture of continuous improvement. Our students also participate in a range of external surveys including the Department of Education and Training's Quality Indicators for Learning & Teaching (QILT) survey, which gathers student responses across the higher education sector.

We offer a range of support services to ensure our students succeed academically and in their careers. Our extensive range of support services including housing, finances and scholarships, health and wellbeing, student organisations and social activities, enable our students to have a broad and positive experience at UNSW.