Educational Innovation

Inspired Learning Initiative

UNSW's Inspired Learning Initiative supports educational innovation through every one of its interrelated programs of work. Each course developed within the Digital Uplift Project offers exciting opportunities for innovative approaches to educational design and delivery, including the implementation of multimedia resources and Extended Reality (XR) Experiences.

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Educational intelligence and analytics supporting innovation

In collaboration with all areas across the PVCESE Portfolio and the Faculties, theoretical frameworks and systematic approaches are developed to determine the effectiveness and viability of educational programs of work, individual projects and tools. Evaluation findings are disseminated internally and externally.

Our educators use learning analytics tools to understand how students engage with university learning systems. For example, Moodle data and data from the analytics dashboards of external tool providers provide some evidence that can be used to enhance learning and the student experience.

The development of tools is essential to driving innovative educational pedagogies. We employ an agile, experimental approach to tool development. Tools are trialled in a small number of courses and systematically evaluated for their effectiveness in enhancing student learning outcomes before scaling up availability.

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