Credentialate - helping learners recognise and present their signature skills

Credentialate is a micro-credentialing platform informed by a UNSW education innovation project in collaboration with industry partner Edalex. The project was led by UNSW Professor Patsie Polly, Scientia Education Academy Fellow from the Faculty of Medicine, working together with BadgeCoP, a UNSW Community of Practice (CoP) focussed on micro-credentialing.

The platform has been developed to provide a secure, configurable dashboard that tracks attainment of competencies which can be microcredentialed and issued as institutional badges for learners, together with an accessible evidence layer to validate attainment of achievements.

“Credentialate incorporates a rubric-based approach for visualising meaningful evidence behind signature skill micro-credentials,” said Professor Polly. “UNSW has been excited to partner with Edalex to infrom the development of the platform that, we believe, addresses a critical need not only at UNSW, but potentially also for other education providers globally.”

Throughout a degree program, learners can track their attainment of professional skills that underpin UNSW Graduate Attributes. Through this process, learners can speak about their skills development when applying and interviewing for jobs or post-graduate study programs.

Signature skills badges may gain global relevance for warranted foundational 21st century skillsets and strengths that have life-wide and life-long value for learners.

This project was made possible by the allocation of a UNSW Scientia Education Investment Fund (SEIF#1) grant and a productive partnership with industry partner Edalex.

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Figure 1. Representation of Iconography for UNSW Badges – Professional Signature Skills (J Liang, P Polly, BadgeCop, 2019).


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