UNSW Sydney launches First Years’ Feed


As students head into another term of remote learning, UNSW has launched a new digital content series – the First Years’ Feed.  

The new website aims to support students’ virtual orientation and onboarding experience by delivering fresh, relevant and relatable content to students’ inboxes each week. The series has been designed with improving the student experience at its core; with content not only being informed by student insight – but created by senior students, who were once in first year students’ shoes.  

“As we continue to explore new and innovative ways to support students’ orientation in the virtual landscape, we are excited to launch the First Years’ Feed,” comments Natalie Nickson, Head of Student Life at UNSW Sydney. 

The website aims to communicate important information to commencing students in a relevant, timely and relatable way – ensuring students starting their first year feel equipped, knowledgeable and confident in navigating their new University environment.” 

The website will showcase features, interviews and top tip-styled articles across a range of themes, including Health and Wellbeing, Community and Sense of Belonging, Equity Diversity & Inclusion as well as ‘Day in the Life of’ articles that look to share stories student stories from UNSW’s broad and diverse community. 

Natalie Nickson

“Supporting and improving the student experience is the primary objective of the First Years’ Feed; we partnered with our student body to help create the strategy, themes and content to ensure the articles are relevant and useful to the commencing student cohort. We encourage UNSW students to get involved in the initiative by submitting their story ideas and feedback via the website,” continued Natalie.


The First Years’ Feed launched in Term 3 2021 and content from the website will feature in the Student Newsletter, across UNSW Student Social Media as well as being included in orientation and onboarding communications.  


To read articles or to submit your feedback or story ideas, please visit the First Years' Feed website.