Update: Inspera digital assessments rollout


Published 17 February 2022

inspera journey map


As communicated last year, UNSW is moving high stakes assessment onto the fully integrated digital platform Inspera, and the rollout is happening from Term 2/ Semester 2 this year.

Inspera at UNSW has been shown to:

  • be simple for students to use, 
  • provide central support in exams and live support for students during the exams, and
  • simultaneously enhance the student experience, build staff workload efficiencies, and reduce the risks of handling errors and security vulnerabilities.  
What’s new? 

In preparation for the full rollout this year, we have made it easy for new (and existing users) to get onboard and underway efficiently. 

Inspera SharePoint Site
We have launched a new Inspera SharePoint Site early February 2022. Here, we hope to provide you with information on:

Digital Assessments@UNSW Teams site
Complementing the SharePoint site is the Digital Assessments@UNSW Teams, within which we are building a community of Inspera users with academic and professional staff, both from Faculty and the central units. The aim is to build centers of capabilities across each School/ Faculty and provide a forum to knowledge-share and accelerate the Inspera learning pathway.

Workshops and training sessions
Weekly workshops and training sessions will be run throughout each term. Mondays will see interactive workshops, structured as knowledge sharing and drop-in sessions. Thursdays will be dedicated to formal training sessions, with feature updates and technical aspects covered in more detail. Attend our Workshops and Training Sessions – click the link to view the schedule and read more about what each session will cover. 

"It’s an exciting development for UNSW, bolstering student confidence in undertaking assessment and helping us to consistently provide feedback for their learning journey", says Professor Alex Steel, Director Teaching Strategy. "When fully implemented, we will have a sector leading digital assessment platform that is integrated, robust, and secure, allowing greater effectiveness of pedagogical practices underpinning student learning." 

Want to know more about Inspera? 

1.    Visit our SharePoint site for detailed information.
2.    Join the conversations and our workshops on MS Teams.
3.    Contact your Director of Teaching or Associate/ Deputy Dean of Education to nominate your course in the next term.
4.    For further queries, drop us an email at infoDAP@unsw.edu.au.

Struggling to remember how to find the info? You can always enter via the publicly-facing page on the Teaching Gateway, with links to related articles, including detailed FAQs: Digital assessment at UNSW


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