UNSW launches its Sustainable Development Goals Toolkit

A new resource for UNSW educators

The UNSW Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Toolkit provides a platform for teachers to integrate sustainable thinking across our curriculum and education platforms, based on the framework established by the United Nations.

The SDG Toolkit is a non-prescriptive and flexible education resource that any UNSW academic and education staff member can access and integrate into their coursework. It is interdisciplinary in scope and can be adapted into many educational contexts, enabling our teachers to integrate ‘SDG thinking’ across their courses as they see fit.

Many UNSW leaders, educators and subject matter experts share their expertise across the SDGs covered in the Toolkit. Our Pro Vice-Chancellor Education & Student Experience, Professor Rorden Wilkinson is one of those champions, exploring goal four around accessibility of quality education. The integration of the SDGs into the University’s teaching is an important component of UNSW’s commitment to a sustainable future outlined in the Environmental Sustainability Plan 2019-21. It is strongly supported by the Pro Vice-Chancellor Education & Student Experience Portfolio, which has led the development of this resource in collaboration with UNSW Sustainability.

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Although the Toolkit emphasises the interconnectedness and interdependency of the goals, it offers a high degree of flexibility where specific SDG(s) can be embedded within a course according to their relevance to the discipline or topic and explored more generally or in depth. 

UNSW staff can now access the SDG Toolkit directly in Moodle using the password “Planet, People, Profit". The accompanying series of videos featuring UNSW educators and leaders can be accessed in a publicly available YouTube playlist.

We hope this education resource will be incorporated into course content across the University. It is designed to engage students in contemporary sustainability issues, inspiring our future leaders to contribute to a more sustainable world.

For any questions about the Toolkit or how you can use it in your course, please email sdg-toolkit@unsw.edu.au or contact Dr. Daniel Hempel, Educational Developer, Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Student Experience at c.d.hempel@unsw.edu.au.

Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Student Experience

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