Welcome to the UNSW Education Focused Communities of Practice 

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a common passion or interest in a topic, who come together to fulfil both individual and group goals. It is much more than a network. A CoP is defined by a shared domain of interest and a spirit of shared practice. 
Supported by the Education Focussed Development team, the UNSW Education Focussed Communities of Practice (EF CoPs) are a group of active Learning and Teaching communities, each with a different focus area. The EF CoPs are led by Education Focussed academics, with a diverse membership comprised of EF and non-EF academics and professional staff from across UNSW, as well as some Sessional Academics, students, and guest members from external institutions. Most EF CoPs meet monthly for about an hour to share ideas, practice, and expertise, work on innovative projects together and catch up. Each CoP is working on initiatives that are broad in scope and applicable to multiple study areas, ensuring university-wide impact. Each EF CoP is supported by a dedicated Project Officer, who manages administrative work and plays a crucial role in facilitating their CoP’s community and projects. 

Interested in joining an EF CoP or want to learn more? Explore the current EF CoPs, and view a range of educational resources developed by the EF CoPs below: