2018 Winner - KPMG Inspiring Teacher Award in a First-Year Undergraduate Program

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) and KPMG are thrilled to announce that Dr Jennifer Schulz Moore from UNSW Law has won the 2018 KPMG Inspiring Teaching Award in a First Year Undergraduate Program.

In its second year, the KPMG Inspiring Teacher Award has grew in popularity, with over 1,600 first year undergraduate students getting involved in the voting process. In total 267 teachers received votes, demonstrating the great breadth of talented and inspiring teachers that UNSW is fortunate to have.

Jennifer is a Senior Lecturer at UNSW Law and a barrister and solicitor of the New Zealand High Court, with qualifications in public health/epidemiology (PhD, University of Melbourne's Faculty of Medicine) and health social sciences. Jennifer combines these fields to specialise in health law and torts and also works with UNSW Medicine in teaching, supervisory and research roles.

Jennifer received the Law Dean's Award for Educational Excellence in 2017.

Here are some of the incredible reasons that Jennifer's students gave for voting:

“Her enthusiastic nodding and bright smile have made me confident to speak up in class. She has gone above and beyond what I ever expected a teacher to be and I am incredibly grateful to her.”

“Jen is not only the most inspiring teacher I have ever had, but a huge female role model of mine. Her achievements in both the legal and medical fields are hugely inspiring. As a first year law student, I felt incredibly motivated by this, being able to see the potential of where my degree could take me. Jen is an unbelievably impressive person, but she is also so humble and down-to-earth. While her achievements outside the classroom are nothing short of inspirational, the way she teaches inside the classroom was equally uplifting. Jen is more than just a teacher, she is a mentor and a friend to her students. I can think of nobody more deserving of this award.”

“Her ability to engage and extract the full potential of everyone in her class is nothing short of inspiring. Jen’s passion is contagious, the genuine heart Jen puts into ensuring her students succeed makes her deserving of this prestigious award.”

We spoke to Jennifer about why she loves teaching at UNSW and what it means to her to win the 2018 KPMG Inspiring Teacher Award in a First Year Undergraduate Program.

Joining Jennifer in the group of top-five teachers voted for in 2018 are:

  • Dr Juno Kim, School of Optometry and Vision Science
  • Dr David Kellermann, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Dr Samad Sepasgozar, School of Architecture and Design
  • And Dr Daniel Mansfield, School of Mathematics and Statistics (2017 recipient of the KPMG Inspiring Teacher Award)



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