Increased support for teaching online in light of coronavirus travel restrictions

UNSW students and academic in front of a computer

In response to the increased needs to deliver teaching online in Term One, support mechanisms for UNSW educators have been enhanced. The ultimate goal is to enable students to engage with their studies regardless of their location, so educators are supported in utilising online learning and collaboration platforms.

In February, the PVCE Portfolio together with Faculty representatives, IT and Student Services jointly conducted exploratory tests with our students from major tier 1 and tier 2 cities within China, to better understand what their user experience might look like for utilising our online learning systems. Learning Management, Virtual Classroom and Lecture Recordings systems were tested along with their interactive tools, and specific advice was formulated for UNSW staff. Additional resources have also been developed to help our educators utilise the systems that have been recommended.

UNSW staff can view the advice and resources on the Teaching Gateway