Inspired Learning Initiative

The Inspired Learning Initiative (ILI) is a considerable five-year program of work designed to provide personalised and flexible learning experiences for our students, and to enhance their educational outcomes.

A number of interconnected project streams within the program focus on supporting teaching excellence, integrating technology to enrich our learning and teaching environments, and using innovative solutions to provide students with real-world applications for their learning. 

Digital Uplift

Digital Uplift is an ambitious program of work that constitutes a major component of the Inspired Learning Initiative. It aims to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate online and blended courses and programs to provide personalised and flexible educational offerings.

Digital Uplift was piloted in 2017 and has ramped up annually. 320 courses have been uplifted since the program’s inception, enhancing the experience of students within 176,000 of course enrolments.

UNSW staff can find more information and Digital Uplift exemplars on the Teaching Gateway:

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Extended Reality Experiences

As part of the Inspired Learning Initiative, the UNSW study experience can take a whole new meaning with our Extended Reality (XR) resources. Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences have been embedded across a number of courses in a range of disciplines. From letting students enter locations, labs or solar panel farms normally inaccessible to public, to allowing them to 'experience' certain medical conditions, Extended Reality brings the students up close with their subject matter. It gives the 'real-life' dimension where that would be hard or impossible to provide within the traditional classroom or learning modes. 

Over 6,000 multimedia resources have been developed and incorporated into our courses as part of the Inspired Learning Initiative and the Digital Uplift Program since 2017.

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Built in 2017, the multi-media centre (M2C) comprises of two state-of-the-art multi-media rooms for university-wide use.  

UNSW staff and students can access training, multi-media services and facility bookings for the M2C. Multi-media services include filming, screencast, lightboard recordings, video editing, graphic design, and other interactive media such as animations and video scribe. 

UNSW staff can submit support request via the Teaching Gateway:

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All of the educational outputs produced within the Multimedia Centre are hosted on our UNSW eLearning YouTube channel.

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Student Partnerships that transform the landscape of learning

The student partnership strand within the Inspired Learning Initiative provides quintessential work experience opportunities and mentorship for UNSW Sydney students. In turn, our Educational Design and Delivery Services benefit from the invaluable student perspective.  

Our Students as Partners come from all disciplines and are fully integrated into our workflow and processes to gain the professional work experience expected and desired by industry. Over 280 students have partnered with us over the past two years. Opportunities included educational design, resource development (such as immersive experiences, multimedia, educational applications), analytical tools and dashboards, marketing and communications, educational insights and trends, project management, educational technology support, and academic support. 

UNSW staff can find out more about the broader Students as Partners philosophy supported by UNSW on the Teaching Gateway.

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Led by the Digital Assessment Academic Lead, the Digital Assessment Program enhances the end-to-end assessment process including design, delivery, analysis and reporting of assessments, and provides analytical insights to further personalise the student learning experience.  

Initiated in 2017 and led by the Academic Development Services team, the Peer Review of Teaching Process focuses on the summative approach, enabling teaching staff who apply for awards or promotions to provide direct evidence of their teaching practice to the respective committees.

UNSW staff can learn more about the Summative Peer Review of Teaching on the Teaching Gateway:

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The UNSW Scientia Education Academy recognises our most exceptional educators for their leadership and contributions to enriching education. Uniting the passion, commitment and expertise of the Scientia Education Fellows, the Academy inspires educational excellence within the University and beyond. 

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