Generative Artificial Intelligence in Education and Teaching

UNSW’s academics on Generative AI and its impact on our Learning and Teaching

AI in education interview series

AI in education: Using Elicit as a research tool

Dr May Lim, Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical Engineering

AI in education: using ChatGPT for support in statistical computing

Associate Professor Sam Kirshner, School of Information Technology & Technology Management

AI in education: Collaborative discussions and experimentation with students

Professor Andy Baker, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

AI in education: Envisioning the future - Using data insights for student learning and support

Professor Simon McIntyre, Director, Educational Innovation and Associate Professor Lynn Gribble, School of Management & Governance

AI in education: Envisioning the future - Vision for implementing a Personalised Digital Learning Companion

Associate Professor Chinthaka Balasooriya, School of Population Health

From UNSW Newsroom

We can't ban ChatGPT but don't be blind to the real risks it poses

Published 30 Mar 2023

Written by Professor Merlin Crossley

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Charting a new course for university education in the age of ChatGPT

Published 22 Mar 2023

Written by Associate Professor Sam Kirshner, Dr Christine Van Toorn, Dr Eric Lim, Dr Michael Cahalane & Ms Chona Ryan

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We pitted ChatGPT against tools for detecting AI-written text, and the results are troubling

Published 21 Feb 2023

Written by Associate Professor Emma A. Jane & Armin Alimardani

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Everyone's having a field day with ChatGPT – but nobody knows how it actually works

Published 14 Dec 2022

Written by Scientia Professor Toby Walsh

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