myEducation Portfolio is a platform that enables UNSW staff to demonstrate their educational achievements in relation to the dimensions of effective teaching in higher education

Video: Learn about the rationale for developing the e-Portfolio and how it will benefit educators at UNSW and beyond. 

Research had traditionally been rewarded and recognised more than teaching at leading universities such as UNSW. One reason for this disparity was that measures of research excellence are widely used and accepted. In contrast, until recently, there had been no generally accepted measures of teaching excellence. 

myEducation Portfolio is derived from a 2017-2018 UNSW Scientia Education Investment Fund project grant awarded to the Scientia Education Academy. The project aimed to build on existing literature and evaluation tools to develop measures of educational excellence at UNSW that can be used to provide essential feedback to staff about their teaching performance. These can then be used to evaluate and reward excellence via teaching awards and academic promotion.

The e-portfolio was successfully launched by the Scientia Education Academy in 2019. 

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