Scientia Education Academy Publications

The Scientia Education Academy unites the passion, commitment and expertise of the Scientia Education Fellows to enhance teaching and learning across UNSW. Below are publications from the Academy.


Pamela Roberts, Shirley V. Scott, Jacquelyn Cranney, Therese M. Cumming, Elizabeth Angstmann, Marina Nehme, and Karin Watson, `Design Principles for Dual Mode Readiness in an Uncertain Future’, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, published online November 20, 2022. 

Policy Options Papers

Papers available for reading:

The Policy Option Paper (POP) series is designed to provide a mechanism by which Fellows can provide input into major educational issues of the day, particularly those being addressed at a whole-of-institution level. This is not limited to ‘policy’ in the formal sense; indeed, one of the interesting points of discussion this year emerged as how best to identify the circumstances in which positive change is best achieved via policy and/or when more might be achieved through bottom-up or organic approaches. It was noted that many university staff are not even aware of all existing policies and hence that producing policy, no matter how well crafted, is rarely an end in itself.

POPs have provided a basis for discussion with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic & Student Life and Pro Vice-Chancellor Education & Student Experience. In 2020, the norm has become for the papers to be presented to Academic Board and/or one of its committees. The Academy is appreciative of the receptivity of the chair of the academic board, Professor David Cohen, to the Academy's input.

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