UNSW Healthy Universities Initiative

The aim of this initiative is to promote and improve student and staff self-management, success and wellbeing at UNSW. 

The framing of this project is positive; that is, we are focused on aspects of the UNSW 2025 Strategy and Scientia Education Experience that seek to support students and staff in effectively working toward their meaningful learning and professional goals. This initiative was initiated by Scientia Education Academy Fellows and Education Focussed Champions, but now includes diverse UNSW staff leaders in Wellbeing.

Because this is a very broad topic, and keeping in mind the existing UNSW systems, we intend to focus on themes identified in our initial meetings:

1.    Whole-of-university approaches to wellbeing
2.    Providing academics with in-curricular resources and training to support student self-management, academic success and wellbeing;
3.    Academic and professional staff success and wellbeing (the first focus will be on mentoring EC academics);
4.    HDR students making successful transition to graduate employment;
5.    Physical environments that support wellbeing
6.    Data gathering and the utilisation of evidence-based strategies. 

For a list of current training and information videos/resources developed by diverse UNSW leaders of in-curricular approaches to supporting student success and wellbeing, please visit the following website.

UNSW Healthy Universities Initiative

These resources are being used in UNSW staff professional development sessions, and are provided here for the benefit of those staff. They may also be of interest to higher education colleagues nationally and internationally.