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Teaching News You Can Use (TNYCU) is a UNSW repository of two-minute videos outlining readily usable teaching practices for tackling the following common (online and face-to-face) teaching challenges:

  1. Assessment and feedback
  2. Building student communities
  3. Challenging and supporting students' active learning
  4. Inspiring students
  5. Leveraging student diversity
  6. Linking learning to context
  7. Supporting student well-being
  8. Using AI in teaching and assessment.

TNYCU was developed in 2021 by Professor Peter Heslin and our Scientia Education Academy (SEA). The videos within it emerged from an SEA Exemplary Teaching Practices Award competition designed to:

  • Unearth widely applicable, useful teaching practices for addressing those teaching challenges.
  • Provide everyone who teaches at UNSW an opportunity to share and be recognised for their most useful teaching practices in ways that may support job application, tenure, promotion, or teaching award applications.
  • Further build the teaching community at UNSW by expanding the basis for conversations about “what works” and appreciation of colleagues based on how they teach.
  • Enable submissions that won, were finalists, or earned an honourable mention in each category to be shared via this repository.

View some of the TNYCU videos

Here you can view the 2021 and 2022 winning videos of the series. More will become available each year.


Use a Whiteboard to Engage Online Students

By Chris Pearce

With the shift to online teaching, Chris aimed to find a way to inspire his students and tap into their passion for learning. The goal for Chris was to make the online classroom feel as close as possible to the in-person experience.

*This video won the 2022 ETP award in this category

Digital Accessibility: Ensuring Digital Access for Every Student

By Veronica Jiang

Inclusion and equity is extremely important for the student learning journey. In this video, Veronica discusses the first steps to improving digital accessibility such as accessibility tools and close captioning for online material.

*This video won the 2022 ETP award in this category

Using student data as a conversation starter​

By George (Kev) Dertadian

How to engage students in the online learning environment is one of the major questions among university educators since the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video, Kev showcases how using student data can encourage deep listening and reciprocal dialogue amongst students, even if the content is pre-recorded.

*This video won the 2022 ETP award in this category

Automate assignment submission and grade collection​

By Tracie Barber

In this video, Tracie explains using the tool Power Automate from Microsoft can effectively and efficiently get students to submit assignments and get their marks back without having too much intervention from you.

*This video won the 2022 ETP award in this category

Using construction failures to learn theories and best practices​

By Riza Yosia Sunindijo

In this video, Riza explains how to engage students effectively, whilst still maintaining theoretical integrity of the lecture content - especially in students who prefer to engage in a more practical manner with their course.

*This video won the 2022 ETP award in this category


Inspiring students by building connection

By Steven Most

People learn best through connections with others; by shifting students' focus from our slides to our presence and passion, we can help them love what they learn.

*This video won the 2021 ETP award in this category

Engaging online: How popcorn, coffee, & emojis engaged our students

By Lynn Gribble

You can encourage students to engage with you and each other by using emojis in online classes.

Eye Wonder!

By Michele Madigan

This video is about how I use puns to introduce students to 'eye wonder' as way of inspiring a love of living eye anatomy.

What’s your weirdest flex? Using video intros to build student communities in online classrooms

By Emma Jane

This clip explains the way asynchronous video intros can be used to foster a sense of camaraderie and common purpose in online cohorts while also helping students level-up from digital literacy to digital fluency.

*This video won the 2021 ETP award in this category

Leading by Example

By Tim Gregory

How I developed and shared educational resources outside UNSW to generate a community that connects the classroom to larger publics and networks.

Simply strategy for creating an engaging learning community online

By Terry Ord

Challenge students to think for themselves to become active participants in their own learning in an online asynchronous learning environment.

No, you can't choose your team mates, and here's why.

By Bradley Hastings

Practical exercise that enables students to experience the benefits of diversity.

*This video won the 2021 ETP award in this category

Embracing student diversity in general education courses

By Nirmani Wijenayake Gamachchige

This video presents ways to build diverse learning communities and a sense of belonging via group work.

*This video was a finalist for a 2021 ETP award in this category

Using small group discussion to leverage diversity

By Will Felips

Assign students to discuss puzzles in small groups and then cold-call (especially if you’re teaching mainly collectivists).

*This video was a finalist for a 2021 ETP award in this category

Jamboards & Pear Deck: Online Tools to Increase Student Engagement

By Lana Ly

Implementation of the digital teaching tools Google Jamboards and Pear Deck boosts student participation in a fun and interactive way that helps combat the lack of student engagement and motivation to learn in an online environment.

*This video won the 2021 ETP award in this category

Sanity Checks

by Timothy Trudgian

We may not be able to state that an answer is right, but we can certainly see if it is wrong!

No more PowerPoint karaoke! Tech tips and tricks to achieve a better person-to-PowerPoint slide ratio and enhance active learning in online classrooms.

By Emma Jane

This clip shows how I use platforms such as Slido, Kahoot, Jamboard, and VideoAsk – combined with a better person-to-PowerPoint slide ratio – to enhance students' active online learning.

Turning mistakes into opportunities for student engagement

By Yunshen Yang

This video describes how to frame mistakes in instructions as a useful tool to boost students' engagement and active learning.

How to get students to read the course outline

By Nirmani Wijenayake Gamachchige

A way to encourage students to actually read the course outline

Co-construction of Learning

By Pan Wang

Co-construction across e-platforms - A simple solution to active learning online and face to face.

Use simulations to cue deliberate practice

By Chien Gooi

Introducing the use of simulation training and deliberate practice to develop important skills.

Study Partner Reflections

By David Bronstein

I describe a teaching practice I developed ("study partner reflections") in order to help students understand difficult readings and feel confident in their ability to discuss them in class.

The power of audio: Feedback that is fast, personalised, and useful

By Jenny Richmond

The video describes how you can use your voice to deliver more feedback in less time, in a way that is less confronting and more useful to students.

*This video won the 2021 ETP award in this category

Personalising student interaction at scale: engagement with feedback and assessment

By Lynn Gribble

This video shows the benefits of deploying Personalised Learning Designer (PLD) to support student engagement with feedback and assessment.

Creating an authentic virtual research and industry conference for students

By Michael Stevens

This video shows how I innovated using a new online platform to create an authentic and organic research and industry conference experience for undergraduate students in biomedical engineering.

*This video won the 2021 ETP award in this category

Reimagining the use of experts in our teaching

By Chris Jackson

The video describes how interviews with nearly 50 experts in entrepreneurism is incorporated in both my teaching and within a walking tours app to help students "see, feel, hear and smell" what it is like to be an entrepreneur in Sydney.

*This video was a finalist for a 2021 ETP award in this category

Approach your students' favourite celebs - they're surprisingly generous!

By Emma Jane

This clip outlines how I parlayed my media and communications contacts into Career Development Learning opportunities for our students using a successful pitch to the Australian television host Osher Günsberg as an example.

A structured approach to linking management theory to industry practice

By John Roberts

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