UNFED Meeting hosted by UNSW PVC Education

UNSW PVC Education is pleased to host the April meeting of UNFED

Supporting Learning & Teaching: What's happening up the hill? 

PVCE is keen to share some of the programs and projects available which support learning and teaching at UNSW. In this UNFED session, we will hear from representatives from the Innovation and Education Pillars who will provide updates on key strategic initiatives positioned to support teaching academics, as well as education support staff, to enhance the student experience. 


Inspera: Recent Developments and 2024 Roadmap 

An overview of Inspera's recent feature updates and a sneak peek into what's ahead for the rest of the year. Explore how these enhancements aim to support educators and streamline assessment processes. 

Ee Kho headshot
Presenter: Dr Ee Kho, Manager, Education Design Solution 

Ee comes from a background in Engineering and renewable energy materials research. Since joining the education space, she has been at the forefront of driving technology-enabled education, and more recently the university-wide adoption of Inspera. 


What’s hot at UNSW’s Teaching Commons? 

Alex will talk about the vision for the Teaching Commons, what’s coming up, and how you can get involved. 

Alex Bannigan headshot
Presenter: Dr Alex Bannigan, Head, Academic & EF Development 

Dr Alex Bannigan is a biologist by training, with a background in cell biology research, microscopy, teaching and course design. She left academia in 2014 when she came to UNSW to establish the Women in Engineering Program. Since 2017, Alex has been dedicated to supporting UNSW academics to be the best teachers they can be with initiatives including the Course Design Institute and is now Head, Academic and Education Focussed Development in the PVCESE Portfolio. 


Education Technology Support 

Join us for an engaging session to discover how Ed Tech Support's personalised guidance and timely assistance contribute to faculty professional development, enhancing the teaching and learning experience at UNSW. Explore our innovative use of automation technologies and chatbots for just-in-time support, ensuring streamlined processes and effective issue resolution. 

Prad Duraisamy headshot
Presenter: Prad Duraisamy, Manager, Educational Tech Support 

Prad Duraisamy brings over a decade of experience to his role as Manager of ETS within PVCE. Throughout his 12-year tenure at UNSW, Prad has been instrumental in facilitating the integration of digital tools within the teaching community, enhancing pedagogical practices and instructional methodologies. 

Over the past five years, Prad has assumed the leadership of a dynamic team of Educational Technologists, spearheading initiatives aimed at enhancing the teaching and learning experiences of both faculty and students at UNSW. Under his guidance, the team is steadfastly committed to optimising educational processes and workflows. 


Academic Success Monitor

Walter will provide an update on the Academic Success Monitor, and how Machine learning has powered predictions of student academic success and AI assisted support recommendations.

Walter Tejada
Presenter: Walter Tejada, Project lead, UNSW Learning Analytics & Intelligence 

Since April 2021, Walter has lead initiatives that enhance learning and teaching effectiveness, support delivery, and the educational experiences of students and staff. His current work focuses on bringing design and system thinking to UX/UI developments and the application of data analytics aligned with educational frameworks. Previously, Walter designed and manufactured scientific astronomical instruments, and worked in infrastructure and mining engineering. What never changes are his love of camping with family, playing drums, mountain biking and cooking with fire. 


Generative AI in Learning, Teaching and Assessment at UNSW

Abstract coming soon!

Clem Wong headshot
Presenter: Clem Wong, Manager, Educational Design Support 

Clem has been teaching in both primary and secondary schools for a decade and is currently Senior Education Designer with the PVCESE. Clem has a keen focus on supporting students with diverse learning needs and sees the student learning experience as one that is student centred, enables student voice, extends student’s problem solving and thinking, embeds adequate support mechanisms, and encourages an interactive learning environment. He loves being able to enable and empower staff in their learning and teaching with these key areas; and enjoys the collaborative process of solving new challenges in the classroom. 


Students Essentials will replace ELISE

From Term 3, 2024 all students will be required to complete the Student Essentials course instead of ELISE. The new course comprises three modules tentatively named, (1) Library Essentials, (2) Academic Integrity, and (3) Respectful Relationships and Preventing Gendered Violence. The project is a DVCESE / PVCSS initiative in partnership with DVCAQ and our Library. Martin has provided design and development expertise to the core project team as well as project/stakeholder management recommendations. In this short presentation he will provide an overview of the new course and the transition process. 

Martin Parisio
Presenter: Martin Parisio, Senior Education Designer, Education Design Solution 

Martin is a Senior Education Designer with the PVCE/DVCESE. He has over ten years of experience supporting and assisting academic staff with educational design and development at several Sydney-based Universities and across numerous faculties. Martin is passionate about teaching and application of technologies and systems design to support and enhance teaching and learning. Martin is currently completing his PhD on the topic of Design for Learning.