Engaging students with immersive projects


Published 23 May 2022

Students from 360 and Journalism class using immersive technology

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work here in the Media and Immersive team within the Pro Vice-Chancellor Education & Student Experience Portfolio is the student interaction we garner from a range of projects across the University.

Be it the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements where students are working with us directly on our projects, or the demonstrations, in-class simulations and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences we deliver – student engagement is critical for us and seeing students flourish in this environment is both enriching and exciting.

The presentations and demonstrations we deliver allow us to bring specific immersive experiences into the classroom in a range of courses and teaching practices.

Behind the scenes virtual reality filming for Waumananyi: The Song on the Wind
UNSW students studying the Indigenous Australia course experienced the Wau-Mananyi – The Song on the Wind virtual reality project. Created by the acclaimed Uti Kulintjaku working with fEEL at UNSW. This is a photo taken behind the scenes.

We'll see Nura Gili students being fully immersed in a cultural ceremony as part of Ben Kelly’s Indigenous Australia course one day, to Arts, Design & Architecture students learning 360 and VR Journalism in Dr Kerrie Davies’ course the next. We'll also see Engineering and Medicine students exploring the hardware and software sides of their 4D Immersive Surgery VIP course with Dr Susann Beier - the range of work is varied, and it’s a collaborative effort with both staff and students in designing and creating these innovative experiences for the courses.

The WIL placements come in several forms, too. Students will often complete their studies through a project with us using knowledge and skills they have gained, as well as learning many more along the way.
We have Computer Science graduation thesis students working on a range of projects including an Eye Simulation VR for Ophthalmology and Optometry, as well as simulations aimed at helping students engage with various aspects of logistics within the Business School at UNSW Canberra, and many more.

Professional Experience Project (PEP) placement students have now started working with our team in film production studies, while our Masters of Visualisation, Simulation and Immersive Design capstone students are working on the Student Wellbeing VR and the Virtual Experience Platform design.

Our team has a keen focus on innovation across the University and we are tightly linked with not only innovative teaching practices, but a wide range of disciplines here at UNSW. We have many projects that are appropriate for student placements. We also have great contacts with other areas with interesting research projects to suit your students’ needs.

If you’re interested in working with us or think your students would benefit from it, please contact us on service.immersivetech@unsw.edu.au or visit the Teaching Gateway to find out more about what we do! 

We're also happy to come to you - we regularly conduct demonstrations and presentations for courses to provide academics and students with a feel for how innovation might change their discipline. Let us know if you would like a demo session.


*From photo caption - find out more about the Wau-Mananyi – The Song on the Wind VR Project   


About the author:

Photo of Graham Hannah

Graham Hannah, Manager of Immersive Technologies, Educational Technology Service at the Pro Vice-Chancellor Education & Student Experience Portfolio

Graham has been a part of technical innovation here at UNSW since the start of the 90s and has helped shape adoption of digital practices over this time. Now leading a newly expanded team of developers, he looks to continue this through the creation of simulations and immersive experiences that enhance education for our staff and students.


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