Educational Technology Roadmap 2024-2028


Published 3 April 2024


UNSW is investing considerably in enhancing the student and staff experience, and digital technologies play a critical role in shaping that experience.

A comprehensive analysis of our large and complex educational technology landscape across the institution has now resulted in the release of the Educational Technology Roadmap 2024-2028.


UNSW Educational Technology Roadmap 2024-2028


This important strategic development is led by Professor Simon McIntyre, Director Educational Innovation in the Portfolio of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education.

“The roadmap will help UNSW deliver on its commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences, while harnessing the full potential of emerging technologies. Importantly, it also provides clear guidance by identifying eight workstreams and 27 key recommendations to help simplify and improve our use of educational technologies. The roadmap provides the foundations for us to establish a simple, consistent, and more effective digital learning and teaching experience for both students and colleagues,” says Prof. McIntyre.


Educational Technology Roadmap 2024-2028 Screenshot

Educational Technology Roadmap 2024-2028 slide (click to expand)


How it happened and how it links to broader University priorities

“The roadmap was developed through extensive research, collaboration, and consultation amongst our students, academic and professional staff across faculties and divisions during 2023. It provides a flexible framework to unite collaborative endeavour across the university in these key areas of focus that can evolve and adapt over time,” he continues.

Educational Technology Roadmap at a glance

Educational Technology Roadmap at a glance


“It will ensure that our collective vision for the University's digital future is interwoven into its broader ambitions for this year and beyond. It aligns with, and will contribute to, several initiatives in the UNSW Operational Plan and our Divisional Priorities, and it supports the achievement of several goals of the current Nexus and Student Experience programs. Critically, it is also helping to inform the work IT are undertaking to redesign UNSW’s digital architecture. With staff and student experience at the forefront, and a focus on pedagogy-driven use of technology, this roadmap will become the backbone for future investments in the development of our world-class digital learning ecosystem.”

UNSW’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education & Student Experience, Professor Sarah Maddison, actively endorses the release. “The roadmap offers an aspirational picture of a human-centred approach to reimagining our digital learning ecosystem – for both students and staff – and enabling a personalised learning experience for our students within a streamlined, well-integrated and adaptable digital ecosystem.”


What’s next 

Outlining next steps, Professor McIntyre indicates that over the next few weeks and months he and his team will be engaging closely with faculties, Nexus team and divisions, while scoping projects based on the roadmap's recommendations.

“I would like to thank all of our students and staff who contributed so much of their experience, knowledge, and time to inform these outcomes. I look forward to working with everyone to help realise its ambitions,” Prof. McIntyre concludes.


UNSW colleagues can access the full roadmap, as well a summary version.

Access the roadmap


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