Disconnecting to reconnect: a mid-term recharge for educators

Education Focussed Lunch & Learn series

This session is more than a Lunch and Learn – it's a mini retreat!

In our busy teaching schedules, it can be hard to find time to recharge.

If you need a shot of energy and inspiration, a Digital and Online Learning Innovation (DOLI) EF Community of Practice (CoP)  Lunch and Learn at the UNSW Teaching Commons might be the oasis you need.

Join DOLI CoP to connect with other like-minded educators in a dynamic L&L Session.

In a neat one and a half hours you’ll have lunch, hear the news on DOLI CoP including our exciting new resource hub and peer-to-peer exchange - and gain knowledge in three specialist-led DOLI round tables on AI, data-informed teaching and Educational Technology Services (ETS).

  • Explore all things AI in teaching
  • Find out how data informed teaching can reduce your workload and increase student engagement
  • How to get personalised support for integrating technology into your teaching

Round Table 1 | AI with Associate Professor Lynn Gribble

This drop-in chat looks at all things AI and what it means for digital and online innovation in teaching and learning.

* * * * * * * *

Round Table 2 | Getting Techy: understanding how ETS can help with Adrian Godoy and Jackie Su

Meet Adrian and Jackie from the Educational Technology Support (ETS) team within the PVC (Education & Student Experience) portfolio.

ETS is responsible for providing and supporting educational technology used by staff and students across UNSW.

Discover what ETS does and its future-plans including:

  • The EdTech Support Model trial in Term 3
  • EdTech Hub - recently launched to provide in-house level 1 EdTech Support
  • Leveraging AI Chatbot, A.I.D.E for efficient EdTech support
  • Upcoming EdTech training plan utilising the new UNSW Teaching Commons space.

* * * * * * * *

Round Table 3 | Using Data to Teach + Support with Dr Vanessa Honson and Walter Tejada

Join Vanessa and Walter to explore the learning analytics tool, Academic Success Monitor - a tool developed by PVCESE Innovation’s ‘Data Insights for Student Learning and Support Project’ to assist academics in providing more personalised teaching and support at scale.

Discover how Academic Success Monitor can enhance the academic success of students through early predictions of academic risk at the course level, based on digital engagement, academic performance, and demographics.

Learn about how alert features that are activated when high probabilities of academic failure are detected can allow academics to provide suggestions based on individual student circumstances.


About the DOLI CoP

The Digital and Online Learning Innovation (DOLI) CoP is a space to explore your education practice. Our strategic role is to Educate, Innovate and Advocate for digital and online learning innovation.

Our diverse membership includes academic and professional staff at UNSW and beyond to share common interests and challenges in a collegiate space. We have members from VIC Teach, Deakin and Melbourne University (to name a few)

Our community has access to new and exciting innovation projects across the university, and our monthly newsletter shares tips and other practice ideas and opportunities with members.

DOLI CoP’s monthly meetings provide professional development and an oasis in which to recharge your education practice. We run an exciting format with a guest speaker presentation followed by question time and rich discussion. We have a hard stop at one hour.

Excitingly, our current project is a new Moodle site with special UNSW member features including a ‘peer-to-peer hub’ and curated information on all things digital and online innovation (no more hunting across UNSW webpages!).

If you are not already a member, reach out to our Project Officer Angela Sidoti and she can help you sign up!

About the Speakers

Dr Vanessa Honson - DOLI CoP co-lead

Vanessa Honson

Dr Vanessa Honson is a Co-Lead of the University’s Digital and Online Innovation Community of Practice. She is an Education Focussed Lecturer and clinician in the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of New South Wales, with over 10 years of experience in higher education in clinical, undergraduate and postgraduate course teaching.

Passionate about fostering conceptual understanding through a constructivist approach, she leverages technologies to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for all students, online synchronous or asynchronously. Her innovation in teaching has been recognised and awarded by her School and Faculty, focusing on student well-being and connectedness, in our increasingly hyflex learning world. Proactively engaging with the Learning Analytics project since its inception, Vanessa is an early adopter where it aligns with her pedagogical practice of kindness and student support.


* * * * * * * *

Associate Professor Lynn Gribble - DOLI CoP co-lead

Lynn Gribble

Associate Professor Lynn Gribble is an Internationally, nationally and UNSW awarded Education Focused academic using her keen interest in transformative learning through engagement, belonging and personalisation of each student’s learning experience. Over the past three years she has extensively considered how to develop authentic assessment and has worked on university-wide feedback projects to enhance the student experience.   In developing the Masters course, Responsible Business Professionalism, Lynn looked to bring her corporate experience to university learning focusing on ethics and sustainability as the future differentiator for our students.  Today, that course has evolved further to focus on Ethical use of AI in the workplace.

Known for her continual innovation, Lynn uses technology to connect with her students and personalise their experience.  Her work on teaching innovation dissemination through “The 4Cs (Classroom, Corridor, Campus and Community) Strategy” has seen her practices adopted and adapted both locally and globally. As a regularly invited guest, and Co-lead of Digital & Online Learning Innovation CoP, Lynn’s innovations are changing practice across the university and beyond particularly in the online and blended learning space.


* * * * * * * *
Adrian Godoy – Senior Educational Technologist, Educational Technology Support, Pro Vice-Chancellor Education and Student Experience

Adrian Godoy

Adrian, an alumnus of UNSW, holds the position of Senior Educational Technologist within the Educational Technology Support (ETS) team, part of the PVCESE portfolio. Adrian is especially interested in process automation, analytics and understanding support practices to better assist UNSW staff in understanding how to effectively utilise Educational Technology. With the inception of the “UNSW EdTech Hub” Adrian’s current focus is to ensure EdTech support is effective and efficient for the UNSW community.

* * * * * * * *
Jackie Su – Educational Technologist, Pro Vice-Chancellor Education and Student Experience

Jackie Su

Jackie, an alumnus of UNSW with a dual degree in Computer Science and Philosophy, serves as an Educational Technologist on the Educational Technology Support (ETS) team within the PVCESE portfolio. Jackie is especially interested in artificial intelligence, knowledge and understanding how people grasp technology. This reflects in his support as he explores different methods to effectively communicate technology in a sustainable EdTech Support Model, be it through web resources, human support with the “EdTech Hub”, and AI chatbots.

* * * * * * * *
Walter Tejada - Project Manager, Special Project team, UNSW Pro Vice-Chancellor Education and Student Experience (PVCESE) Innovation

Walter Tejada

Walter Tejada is the Project Manager of Special Project team at the UNSW PVCESE Innovation. Since April 2021, he has managed initiatives at UNSW aiming to enhance learning, teaching and support experiences of students and staff via UX/UI and data analytics developments aligned with educational frameworks and integrated with design and system thinking.

Please note: Light lunch will be served from 12:30 pm to 1 pm and the workshop will run from 1pm to 2 pm.


This event is a part of the EF Lunch & Learn series, which will each be hosted each time by a different EF Community of Practice (CoP). It is an opportunity to showcase the wonderful work of the CoPs across the wider University community.