Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: How to showcase your good practice

Education Focussed Lunch & Learn series

About this event
Most of us have a good practice or a project that is about supporting students’ equity, diversity, and inclusion in tertiary education.

But how do you showcase it in a way that is universally understandable, concise, and inspiring - especially when it comes to promotion/job applications - where word count and impacts matter?

In this action-packed workshop, the Teaching for Equity & Diversity Community of Practice (CoP) will be sharing our journey of workshopping with CoP members to polish and showcase their good practices of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the education context. Dr. Beth Beckmann has been working with the team to guide and deliver the training, and will be there to share her extensive knowledge and insights on what makes a good case study, how to structure it, and why it is relevant.

About the TED EF Community of Practice:

The Teaching for Equity and Diversity EF Community of Practice (TED CoP) consists of academic and professional members from across UNSW who have expertise or an interest in teaching for equity, social justice, and inclusion at UNSW.

The student cohort enrolled in courses at UNSW is richly diverse, representing many different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, as well as diverse prior educational experiences. The need to share and discuss ‘good’ educational practices with regard to teaching inclusively for diverse cohorts has become a key indicator of success in universities. TED CoP is committed to recognising educational, cultural, and linguistic diversity within UNSW as strengths that enrich the learning environment rather than seeing these as deficits to be reduced to a minimum.

If you are interested in joining, please reach out to TED CoP's Project Officer Melanie Cross at melanie.cross@unsw.edu.au and she can help you sign up.

About the Presenters

Dr Beth Beckmann

An award-winning specialist in the professional recognition of university teachers and absolutely committed to improving inclusion and equity in all ways, Honorary Associate Professor Beth Beckmann is an Australian National Teaching Fellow, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA), Senior Fellow of the UK's Staff and Educational Development Association (SFSEDA), a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training & Development (FAITD), and a Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technology (CMALT). Over the past 15 years, Dr Beckmann has supported literally thousands of academics, from the most junior to the most senior, to reflect on their practice towards successful promotions, fellowships, and teaching awards.


Ben Kelly

Dr Ben Kelly

Ben Kelly is a Senior Lecturer and has taught Indigenous Studies with Nura Gili at UNSW since 2007. Drawing on his training in Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology and Education, Ben teaches a range of courses across the Indigenous Studies Major. Taking inspiration from self-determination theory, culturally responsive pedagogy, and Universal Design for Learning, his teaching practice strives to cultivate learning environments where students feel safe, connected, and confident to pursue their learning goals and academic interests. As an Education Focused academic, Ben is involved with several Communities of Practice at UNSW and is currently co-leading the Teaching for Equity and Diversity CoP. Ben has supervised many successful honours students and is best suited to supervising honours projects related to the politics and ideology of race and racism, settler colonialism, and popular culture.


Jason O'Neil

Mr Jason O’Neil

Jason O'Neil is a Wiradjuri man, a Lecturer in the School of Global and Public Law, and the Director of Indigenous Legal Education for UNSW Law & Justice. Jason has a deep passion and a wide range of experience in supporting First Nations people to enter the legal profession. He has contributed over several years to the growth of Ngalaya Indigenous Corporation, the peak body for First Nations lawyers and law students in NSW and the ACT. Jason is a Teaching for Equity and Diversity CoP Co-lead.


Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson

Dr Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson

Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson is a senior lecturer in epistemics at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales. His research spans across many areas of human information processing, including substructural epistemic logics, dynamic theories of negative information, data sonification, psychological theories of free will, ethics of computer science and information, and philosophy of mathematics. He is the co-author of the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy entries on Logic and Information, and Semantic Conceptions of Information, and has published his research across a range of specialist journals. He received his doctorate from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford at Balliol College, where he studied under Timothy Williamson and Luciano Florid. Sebastian is a Teaching for Equity and Diversity CoP Co-lead.


Joyce Wu

Dr Joyce Wu

Dr. Joyce Wu is a Senior Lecturer in Global Development at the School of Social Sciences. She is also a Fulbright Senior Scholar and Deputy Editor of Development in Practice. Joyce has a diverse history of interdisciplinary research and practitioner experiences. Her research includes sexual and gendered violence in conflict and post-conflict situations, intersectionality and inequality, gender mainstreaming, sustainable development, climate change, and equity and diversity in higher education. Prior to academic life, Joyce worked in the Australian Government, UN Women and CSIRO on gender and development. Joyce is a Teaching for Equity and Diversity CoP Co-lead.


This event is a part of the EF Lunch & Learn series, which will each be hosted each time by a different EF Community of Practice (CoP). It is an opportunity to showcase the wonderful work of the CoPs across the wider University community.