AI Prompt Engineering for Assessment 101

Generative AI gatecrashed the educational sector earlier this year and there’s been limited research to understand the strengths and weaknesses of current assessment practice and the opportunities for the use of ChatGPT to enhance learning. Senior Lecturers Peter Neal and Sarah Grundy from the School of Chemical Engineering will deliver a workshop based on their leading Australian research paper on how ChatGPT affects assessment in education.  

In the session, they will discuss ChatGPT responses to existing assessment prompts and explore the basics of crafting an effective prompt. Workshop participants are asked to bring their laptops to try and test their own prompts, relevant to their course and discipline, and to apply the principles highlighted in the paper to enhance the learning opportunities for their students.  

Participants will also be able to consider how this approach could be applied as a precursor to other prospective SoTL projects. With 10,000 downloads, the widely applauded, practical research paper that Peter Neal and Sarah Grundy co-authored with academics from other universities for the European Journal of Engineering Education earlier this year is the fifth most-read EJEE paper of all time.  

Remember to bring your laptop! 

After 60 minutes of the official session, presenters will stay on for an extra half an hour to continue discussions with anyone interested.


About the Speakers

Peter Neal headshot

Dr Peter Neal is a UNSW Scientia Education Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Process Engineering (Education Focussed) with the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He has 15 years’ experience teaching undergraduate and postgraduate engineering, focusing on developing his students’ design, inquiry, and professional skills. As the first Education Focussed academic in the School of Chemical Engineering and as a PVCESE Education Focussed Champion, he works to develop the educational capacity of his colleagues in his School, the Faculty of Engineering and across UNSW. 


Dr Sarah Grundy headshot

Dr Sarah Grundy is an Education Focussed Senior Lecturer in UNSW's School of Chemical Engineering. Dr Grundy's research focuses on engineering education and current trends in the industry. Her passion includes sustainable manufacturing and design from raw materials to process and product improvement and/or development. After completing her PhD in Chemical Engineering from UNSW (2004), Dr Grundy joined a global building manufacturing company and became a Senior Technical Leader within the Research and Development division of the company.