Developing your Generative AI Prompt Engineering Skills 101

Introductory workshop for UNSW educators

If you have ever wanted a ‘quick start session’ to use GenAI as a tool to create efficiencies, this session will get you started. In breaking down the components of a great prompt, we can exploit the potential of GenAI through a fundamental understanding of its use. We consider GenAI’s limitations, to support participants to assess the ‘value add’ in GenAI use and strategically consider it in their work.

The session aims to increase AI literacy, build GenAI use in academic teaching settings and demystify prompt engineering. Moving away from generic prompts or those that are overly complex, this session seeks to leverage academic research skills into the new world of GenAI. In doing so it asks participants to consider the workplaces of the future and how GenAI as a tool will be integrated in our students' lives. 

Participants are asked to bring their laptops and have a free ChatGPT/openAI account for the workshop.

Please note: This workshop is a 101 introductory course for UNSW educators. Those who are confident with their level of experience with ChatGPT interested in exploring more are welcome, however please understand this session is pitched and tailored to beginners. 

About the Speakers

Lynn Gribble

Lynn Gribble is Associate Professor, Education Focused Academic in School of Management and Governance at UNSW Sydney. A digital innovator, she has taught management to large classes of Master of Business Administration and Master of Commerce students for over 15 years. She is the ASCILITE community Fellow (2023) in recognition of her Leadership and work in progressing digital learning including pioneered the use of voice recordings, audience response platforms and digital tools with learning analytics to personalise every interaction with her students, increasing both their engagement and learning outcomes. Her work on GenAI in the classroom and assessment has gained recognition worldwide. Lynn is Senior Fellow of the Advance HE, UK (SFHEA) and a Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT).

Janis Wardrop

Janis Wardrop is Associate Professor at UNSW Sydney. Janis is currently the Director of Education at the Centre for Social Impact. An academic leader and educational champion of innovation, she is also a recipient of the Vice Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence and a leading educator in the School of Management and Governance, she specialises in developing student's learning capabilities to meet the challenges of the 21st century workplace, through innovative curriculum and course design. Her passion is to support others in their development. Her work on transforming student experience in large core courses is widely noted as is her development of other academics as a ‘guide on the side’.