Connected Curriculum: a collaborative and sustainable approach to curriculum development

Special guest speaker from Macquarie University, Dr Morwenna Kirwan, shares with us Connected Curriculum, an innovative and sustainable approach to cross-disciplinary resource development that received the Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor’s Learning Innovation Award in 2020. 

Resource development is frequently duplicated within institutions resulting in wasted effort. In a world of information overload, ensuring students have easy access to high quality resources is critical to supporting student learning. Morwenna will showcase the ‘Connected Curriculum for Professionals in Health’ initiative, a project that has brought together teaching academics and students across the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences to create an online repository of a broad range of high-quality, evidence-based educational modules that support student learning across disciplines. 

In this seminar, find out about the collaborative process used for co-design content, where it’s housed and what it looks like, the impact on students and whether the approach is transferrable to our current context. 


NOTE: this event was originally held on 3 Sept but has been rescheduled to 24 Sept to accommodate for the recently announced UNSW Wellbeing Day.


About the speaker

Morwenna Kirwan

Morwenna Kirwan started her career in higher education 20 years ago as an instructional designer.  In her academic role she currently teaches into undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including Human Sciences, Clinical Science, Physiotherapy and Medicine.  She has a background as an exercise and behavioural scientist with a research focus on interventions to improve lifestyle behaviours. 

Morwenna is a passionate educator. She holds a senior teaching Fellowship from the UK’s Higher Education Academy and conducts research related to pedagogy of teaching in addition to her exercise and behavioural health research. Morwenna currently leads the development and design of online continuing professional development courses in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences.  In her role as leader of the Connected Curriculum for Professionals in Health project, Morwenna has been awarded a faculty and Vice-Chancellor L&T award for learning innovation.