In conversation with Jason Lodge

Open to all UNSW staff, the AI Education Focussed Community of Practice invites you to join Associate Professor Jason Lodge ‘in conversation’ to talk about AI and assessment beyond deter and detect mode, and the future of education in an AI-enabled world. You can watch the event via livestream or join us in person at the Teaching Commons on campus on Tuesday, 18 June at 4 pm.

Jason's visit to UNSW is made possible by the UNSW Business Education Initiative.


Jason Lodge

Associate Professor Jason Lodge 

Jason Lodge, PhD is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Director of the Learning, Instruction, and Technology Lab in the School of Education and is a Deputy Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland. Jason's research concentrates on the application of the learning sciences to education. Specifically, he is interested in the cognitive and emotional factors that influence learning and behaviour and how research findings from the learning sciences can be better used to enhance design for learning, teaching practice and education policy. Jason is also interested in the ways technologies such as artificial intelligence is influencing learning, particularly in terms of the impact of technology on the development of professional ways of being, metacognition, critical thinking and expertise.