Feedback as dialogue: Engaging students for success

A Connections workshop

Feedback has one of the strongest effects on student achievement, yet according to student evaluation surveys, is often perceived as inadequate. 

Recent research recognises the need for students to actively engage with feedback to learn, and feedback also provides an important opportunity for students to connect with their teachers and peers.  

This evidence-based workshop will explore the idea of feedback as dialogue featuring UNSW teaching staff sharing effective strategies for engaging students.  

Participants will be invited to reflect on feedback in their own teaching context, specifically how to use feedback more effectively to increase student satisfaction and reduce student stress, while not adding to student workloads. 


About the Speakers

Dr Anna Rowe Headshot

Dr Anna Rowe is a Senior Lecturer, Academic Development in the PVC Education and Student Experience Portfolio. She has led and supported a range of professional development initiatives and published widely in the broad field of higher education learning and teaching, with specific research interests including work-integrated learning, curriculum development, student feedback and the role of emotions in learning. Anna is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning. 

Dr Siobhán Wills Headshot

Dr Siobhán Wills is an education-focused lecturer in the School of Chemistry. Her interests focus on student metacognition, digital assessment and feedback and ERC teaching development in the context of tertiary chemistry education.  

She is currently the co-lead of the Digital Assessment and Student Feedback Community of Practice. 


Dr George Joukhadar Headshot

Dr George Joukhadar is a lecturer in the School of Information Systems and Technology Management at UNSW. After completing his PhD, George moved to academe after a professional career in the Information Systems field. George teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses: Databases, Big Data, Business Process Management, Agile Projects, and Managing Complex Projects. 

His interdisciplinary research focuses on a significant Information Systems (IS) strand: Architecture and Governance. He has published in top-ranking journals and leading IS conferences. His current research focuses on Digital Transformation and Digital Sustainability. 

Since joining UNSW, George shapes the learning experience by engaging with how students learn. He has a passionate belief in the potential of all his students and has a particular interest in the role of assessment to support students learning. George currently co-leads the Students Feedback and Digital Assessment CoP as well as a few fellowships on Assessment and Feedback. 

Guest Presenters & Facilitators

- Dr Lynn Gribble

- Michael Stonham


This event is a part of the Connections series, consisting of seminars and workshops that provide you with the opportunity to learn from your colleagues to inform your own teaching practice. This year, Connections will align with the Educational & Student Experience themes of “Listening, Challenging, Supporting”.