Making the most of myExperience (Event series)

Prepare for the myExperience survey from gathering and increasing responses from students, to tackling the comment review process with resilience and making sense of the data. These informal, peer-led sessions have been designed to help you make the most of the myExperience process, ensuring the feedback you receive works best for you and your teaching.


Session schedule

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  • Monday 8 April, 11am-12pm: Kevin Liu “Increasing myExperience Response Rates with the BOOST Strategy” | Recording details below
  • Thursday 18 April, 1-2pm: Nicole Saintilan “myExperience comment review process and the feedback resilience project” | Add to calendar (Hybrid)
  • Thursday 9 May, 2-3pm: May Lim and Vanessa Honson "Making sense out of nonsense: High TEAch break and term debrief" | Add to calendar (In person)



For class resources and information on myExperience, visit the dedicated webpage.

Monday 8 April, 11am-12pm

Hybrid: In-person at the Teaching Commons & via MS Teams

A higher myExperience response rate is important as it leads to feedback that is more representative of the full spectrum of the student body’s experience in our courses. It mitigates the risk of sample selection bias where often, a vocal minority may disproportionately skew the feedback. Kevin will discuss the BOOST strategy - a comprehensive approach based on behavioural science insights that have been successfully applied across a large number of UG and PG courses to significantly increase myExperience response rates.

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Image of Kevin Liu

A/Prof. Kevin Liu is a UNSW Scientia Education Fellow and the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs) at the UNSW Business School.

Thursday 18 April, 1-2pm

Hybrid: In-person at the Teaching Commons & via MS Teams

In this session, Nicole will explain the processes behind myExperience such as timing, set questions and question bank. She will also discuss the comment review process, and the work she and her team have done to help support teaching staff process and use student feedback through feedback resilience. This will cover the type of student comments her team normally receives, why students write what they write, and what to do about unconstructive comments.

This session with be a Q&A style session, so please bring along any questions you may have related to myExperience and the comment review process.

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Image of Nicole Saintilan

Dr Nicole Saintilan is an Educational Evaluation Specialist in the Division of the DVC, Academic Quality.

Thursday 9 May, 2-3pm

In-person at the Teaching Commons

Join Dr May Lim & Dr Vanessa Honson for an Alice in Wonderland themed High Tea and chat at the Teaching Commons. This is an opportunity to come together in person, share a soothing cup of tea and steep in collective wisdoms! It allows educators to have those impromptu ‘corridor’ conversations on term’s triumphs, challenges and insights. Themes explored in this session can include experiences of joys and pitfalls during the term, how to deal with our own perspectives on constructive and less instructive comments received in myExperience surveys and personal expectations. Top hat, rabbit ears and talking about myExperience optional… but delicious treats, a hot cuppa and collegial chats are a definite!

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Image of May Lim

Dr May Lim is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Chemical Engineering. Her teaching interests are in methods that enable engineering students to gain mastery and transcend their discipline through project-based learning and industry-relevant learning.


Image of Vanessa Honson

Dr Vanessa Honson is an Education Focused Lecturer and Senior Staff Optometrist at the School of Optometry and Vision Science. Vanessa is passionate about delivering teaching that empowers the student - for this, she continually looks to be innovative in her lesson planning and to combine the most appropriate technology for personalised learning.