Pilot: SEA Open Class Initiative

Thank you for your interest.

During Week 5 in Term 3 (Week 12 in Semester 2 in Canberra), some of the UNSW Scientia Education Fellows opened their classroom doors as part of a pilot Open Class initiative. With a genuine passion to inspire students to achieve their absolute best, Fellows teaching this term/semester shared their ideas and practices around teaching by opening their classrooms to UNSW staff.

The feedback received to date has been very positive! Below are some comments from observers sharing what they liked about the initiative: 

"The possibility to observe how an activity is implemented in practice (rather than have it described in a talk). That way I can see the practical details."

"Opportunities to see other teachers in action."

"The lecture (I attended) was absolutely fantastic. The way the lecturer engaged all the students (close to a hundred) was very interesting, the structure of the lecture which can be applied in other disciplines was original and reach its goal of engaging all students. In my lecture I will implement her introduction to the course: news in line of the topic of the lecturer during the time students settle down, and a little breathing exercise (or equivalent) to then concentrate them on the lecture. I will also be less frighten to make the students discussed by pair or small groups even in a large theatre"

There are considerations for the initiative to continue next year. Stay tuned!


If you have any queries about the Pilot Open Class Initiative, please email: OpenClass@unsw.edu.au