Responsible use of AI, the RECESS Model and the Feedback Model

Responsible use of AI, the RECESS Model and the Feedback Model

This workshop provides a model (RECESS) where Artificial Intelligence can be utilised responsibly within the class setting and for assessments. The workshop demonstrates how the model encourages students to develop a deep understanding, so they can then responsibly utilise and maximise the capabilities of AI, a tool that when used responsibly can greatly enhance student learning, but when used without appropriate knowledge, can present students with inaccurate and incomplete information and hinder the learning process. Participants will also learn to use the Feedback Model, developed by Hattie and Timperley, so students can see feedback as multidimensional and learn to use feedback and evaluative judgement to enhance their efficacy as learners.


Image of Dr Andrew Dymock

Dr Andrew Dymock
UNSW Nexus Fellow and Senior Lecturer, School of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation (UNSW Business School)

Dr Andrew Dymock is the Nexus Fellow for the School of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation. Andrew has a PhD in Accounting and qualifications in Education and is also a currently credentialled Secondary School Teacher. He has extensive experience in implementing effective teaching and learning strategies and assessment across secondary and tertiary settings, as well as educational innovation, including AI and educational technologies. He also has experience as a lecturer, accountant and auditor. Outside of university, he enjoys playing sport and landscape photography.