Rethinking virtual assessments

Presented by Dr Susann Beier

A Connections seminar

COVID-19 has no doubt exacerbated the teaching challenges of engaging students, building a learning community, and creating enriching learning experiences.

In this seminar, Susann will present her experience with virtual conference assessment tasks. Student teams were asked to present the research from a choice of selected journal articles on course relevant topics through posters and video presentations. After submitting, students interacted virtually on their submissions and peer-assessed each other. 

Together this pioneered an interactive asynchronous virtual method to enhance contextual understanding and apply the learned theory, effectively modelling a conference environment, and further encouraged reflection and self-assessment of students’ own abilities. 

Consistent positive feedback highlighted the task’s utility as an online learning tool and efficacy in shaping a collaborative class community under COVID-19 teaching conditions. 

Join us at the upcoming Connections seminar as Susann challenges us to rethink our approach to virtual assessments. 


About the Speaker

Susann Beier

Susann’s expertise lies in the areas of experimental and computational fluid dynamics and mechanics for personalised cardiovascular health considerations. 

Having a broad educational background spanning across mechanical, chemical and materials and biomedical engineering, her research and development work encompasses several areas at the interfield of medicine, engineering and computer-sciences. She leads the Sydney Vascular Modelling Group at the University of New South Wales, and founded the global Coronary Atlas project directly contributing towards personalised coronary arteries treatment. With her team she creates diverse knowledge to develop innovative methods to understand coronary artery mechanisms including disease, to optimise medical devices and their implant strategies as well as identifying novel biomarkers. 

Susann has received numerous awards including the 2020 UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career Category), the Cardiovascular Innovations Award by the Cardiac Society of Australia & New Zealand and was awarded the Research Fellowship of the New Zealand Heart Foundation. Her work has resulted in more than $2million funding to date.