UNFED Meeting hosted by UNSW Global

UNSW Global is pleased to host the July meeting of UNFED. This meeting will showcase the evolution of three successful academic practices and assessments developed by Diploma and Foundation Studies programs for remote delivery in UNSW Global’s learning environments.


Teaching Engineering Design - A Virtual Experience

Presented by: Dr Majid Malekpour, Leading Education Professional, STEM – Diploma and Dr Danish Haneef, Leading Education Professional, STEM - Diploma

“Introduction to engineering design and innovation” (EG1000) was originally a challenging course which required students to gain hands on working experience with modern lab equipment, to build assigned models. During the lockdown and with most students overseas it was not possible to run the course as normal. This presentation will elaborate on the successful transition from real lab-based projects to virtual projects without compromising on any course learning outcomes.


Evolution of Online Maths Exams – Lessons Learned

Presented by: Dr Bernd Straub, Education Manager, Mathematics, STEM - Foundation Studies

This presentation will show the evolution of UNSW Global’s Foundation Studies Maths exams transitioning from paper-based to Moodle quiz, scan and submit for the online environment - the pain points encountered in the process.


Adapting a Whole Cohort Assessment Activity for the Online Environment

Presented by: Mark Lewis, Leading Education Professional, Arts – Foundation Studies

The presentation focuses on presenting a case study involving adapting what was originally a face-to-face Student Whole Cohort Activity (Assessment) for the online environment and explore the challenges faced and the lessons learnt from this adaptation.