UNFED Meeting hosted by Medicine & Health

UNSW Faculty of Medicine & Health is pleased to host the June meeting of UNFED.

This fully online event will feature two speakers from the faculty.


Learn, evolve and grow through short courses

Come and meet the entrepreneur behind the UNSW Medicine & Health short courses who is committed to helping healthcare professionals in Australia and overseas to boost their impact through lifelong learning education and training. Hear how our short courses were brought to market from scratch in 2022 – now, valued over $1.2M.

A/Prof Huong Le-Dao headshot
Associate Professor Huong Le-Dao, Director of Short Courses

Huong Le-Dao contributes to teaching, education and research in value-based healthcare, health management and leadership within UNSW Medicine & Health. She specialises in strategy, policy and change with a strong focus on project and change management, organisational effectiveness, and leadership development.

As Director of Short Courses within UNSW Medicine & Health, Huong leads our short courses, micro-nano credentials, and bespoke programs for health organisations to equip health professionals (clinicians and non-clinicians) with the needed capabilities and skills to boost their impact in health. Huong's work in credential education and training is shaping the health care system for the 21st century. She is passionate about better human experience and value in healthcare.


Launching a suite of interprofessional health programs 

Earlier this year, UNSW Medicine and Health launched an Australian first – four articulated health programs in Nutrition & Dietetics, Pharmacy, Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy. Hear the story behind this new suite of interprofessional programs and its success.

Basia Behnke, Project Manager of Health Professional Programs & Armida Pobre, Educational Developer (MHEDU)
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