UNFED Meeting hosted by UNSW Science

UNSW Science is pleased to host the October meeting of UNFED

Meeting Agenda

Introduction (5 minutes)

Enhancing Hybrid Learning through Green Screen Technology in Lecture Theatres (15 minutes)

Presented by Mr Steven Parker – Education Technology Manager

  • The concept of using green screen technology for engaging audiences has long been associated with weather forecasts on television. But what if this technology could be harnessed within lecture theatres to create dynamic hybrid learning experiences that bridge the gap between in-person and online students? Results from piloting this technology will be physically presented in a demo.
Mr Steven Parker headshot

The impact of active learning pedagogy on student engagement (EchoPoll pilot) (20 minutes)

Presented by Dr Gee Chong Ling and Dr Nirmani Wijenayake Gamachchige – School of Biotech & Biomolecular Science

  • EchoPoll is a new active learning tool which is being piloted by UNSW to increase student engagement and interactions. In this session, we will do a live demonstration of the tool to showcase its capabilities and share our pilot experience using this tool in labs, lectures and tutorials.
Dr Nirmani Wijenayake Gamachchige headshot
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Establishing Nexus in Science - our approach and plans (15 minutes)

Presented by Dr Camile Moray (Nexus Education Development Manager) and team

  • The Nexus Program provides an opportunity to rethink how we achieve educational goals within schools, faculties, and across the university. Our goal in Science is to use a collaborative and evidence-based approach to define and achieve meaningful outcomes. We will discuss the journey so far and our plans for the future.
Camile Moray (Nexus Education Development Manager) and team

Introducing SCIConnect - Program re-design structure (15 minutes)

Presented by Dr Shannan Maisey - Director of Academic Programs

  • Sciconnect is an exciting new initiative that is being introduced in 2024 to Bachelor of Science and Advance Science students. Sciconnect is a digital platform that integrates with the newly introduced program backbone of courses in these programs. The goal of Sciconnect is to target and address the key weaknesses identified in the program review related to the directing and supporting the professional and academic development of students in our large generalist programs.
Dr Shannan Maisey headshot

Introducing the Science Education Access Portal - SEAPort (15 minutes)

Presented by Steve Yannoulatos - Education Support Manager

  • SEAPort (Science Education Access Portal) is a new site for Science staff that is dedicated to connecting you with everything Education and Teaching. In collaboration with the Business School, the functionality has been developed beyond the out-of-box SharePoint functionality to help staff quickly find the information and support they need. As the site grows, we hope it becomes the one-stop location for Education information that staff have been looking for.
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Closing thoughts (5 minutes)