UNFED Meeting hosted by UNSW PVCESE

UNSW PVCESE is pleased to host the June meeting of UNFED.

In pursuit of our vision, PVCESE will build on achievements, implement new initiatives, continue to support faculties and our students, and provide targeted interventions where needed.

Following the 2020 Workplace Change, more student-facing teams joined the Pro Vice Chancellor Portfolio (Education), and we are now organised into four pillars: Education, Experience, Wellbeing, and Educational Innovation. In this UNFED session, we will hear from representatives from each of these pillars, and learn how they support academics and students, to ensure a supportive environment where good learning and teaching happens.



Felipe Crisostomo Headshot

Felipe Crisostomo

Felipe has been working in the PVCESE for more than 5 years across different projects and initiatives. Currently, he is the Project Manager of the Learning Analytics Project (Innovation Pillar - Special Projects) and he is working with several stakeholders across UNSW to enable the use of Learning Analytics in learning and teaching and to provide data insights to student, staff and support units.

Presentation Abstract

The Learning Analytics Intelligence project is aiming to leverage Learning Analytics to give our students, staff and leaders a personalised experience by providing them with timely and context-appropriate data insights to inform decision making and improvements in teaching and learning. Today’s presentation will be covering a quick overview of the PVCESE Data Lake, what was achieved in 2021 and our current developments and pilots in the areas of course academic learning analytics reports and early detection of student at risk.

Jinki Trevillian Headshot

Dr Jinki Trevillian

Dr Jinki Trevillian is Academic Lead for the TAFE Pathways Project, Course Enhancement Program Coordinator at the PVCESE and lecturing in Sustainability in the Integrated First Year Bachelor of Commerce. Having joined UNSW Business School as an Education Focussed Senior Lecturer in 2019, Jinki led the Centre for Social Impact education team through an exciting and challenging year 2020/21 as Education Director. Jinki is an EF and SDG Champion with a passion for learning.

Presentation Abstract

TAFE pathways can positively contribute to equity and diversity at UNSW, with greater representation and participation, by removing barriers to students from vocational education. UNSW is looking at “developing more pathway programs for Australian undergraduate students” (DVCA 2021). TAFE Pathways is one such program with a strong roadmap from the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) for articulation into higher education. For students this pathway needs to be accessible, inclusive and supported. 

Belinda Meggitt headshot

Belinda Meggitt

Belinda Meggitt is the team lead of the Health Promotions Unit, part of UNSW Health within the Wellbeing Pillar of the PVCESE. The team works across the mental and physical health areas improving the health literacy of students, creating change within the UNSW environment and works in partnership with students to promote a university environment that can enable students to thrive.

Presentation Abstract

Mental ill-health impacts the lives of one in four students during their time at university. The impacts can be serious, affecting educational outcomes, participation, and safety. In November 2021 UNSW released their Student Mental Health Strategy, a strategy underpinned by three pillars: Prepare, Prevent, and respond with a suicide prevention strategy included. This talk will cover the work that has been achieved within the prevent and respond pillar to improve mental health literacy and encourage early help-seeking.

Charlotte Long Headshot

Charlotte Long

Charlotte is the Head Student Success in the Education Pillar in PVCESE, working with Academic Skills, the English Language Support team and Equitable Learning Services. Charlotte has 20 years of experience in higher education, advocating for and supporting the student experience. Charlotte is committed to putting students first, and collaborating and learning from students and colleagues.

Presentation Abstract

Student Success teams support learning. This presentation will provide an overview of the Equitable Learning Services, Academic Skills and English Support team - how they work with students and staff. Charlotte is really keen to engage with you about how we can work together to better support staff and students in the learning support space and what possible collaborations there could be.