UNSW's Education Festival

Inspire. Challenge. Celebrate.

For the first time, UNSW is hosting a university-wide Education Festival – an occasion to recognise and celebrate our educators and share great educational practice across the institution. This week-long series of activities brings together the traditional Learning & Teaching Forum and Faculty-based events, providing collaborative, cross-disciplinary opportunities to reflect on education at UNSW.


Faculties have each chosen a theme, inviting UNSW staff to share their insights and experiences around important topics, and to challenge and inspire what we do next in education.

Themes are*:

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Creating hands-on learning experiences where students learn by solving real-world or authentic problems helps to engage students with the task at hand and prepares students for their future careers. We invite you to showcase your innovations in authentic learning experiences as short presentations or posters.
(Hosted by UNSW Engineering)

Jumping through hoops and feedback loops
Assessment and Feedback are integral components of education which though inextricably linked, do not serve the same function. Student development through feedback is often overlooked in deference to the measurement and judgement processes of assessment. Students are often stressed by our assessment practices and may not perceive that they have received useful feedback that helps guide or drive their learning. How can we encourage our learners to engage with feedback and make our assessments more meaningful? We invite you to join us in overcoming this perennial problem with presentations and demonstrations of creative solutions of how you get your students to jump through the hoops of assessment while cultivating the feedback loop.
(Hosted by UNSW Medicine & Health)

While 2020 saw us switch to online learning, a slow return to campus sees us teaching students across both the physical and virtual classrooms. Share with us how these challenges have changed your approach. What have you done that you will keep into the future and what will you leave behind?
(Hosted by UNSW Science)

How might we reimagine our academic programs to ensure students have the best possible transformative experience at UNSW? We welcome short presentations, panel discussions, and demonstrations of any aspect of program renewal or redesign that showcase a future-focused curriculum and transformative learning experience.
(Hosted by UNSW Business School)

Making big teaching impacts, one small step at a time
Covid-19 has forced us to re-think and re-adjust the way we educate. Whether it’s streamlining communications to your students and tutors, decluttering your Moodle, or introducing a clicker in your hybrid classroom – small changes can make a big difference towards student experience. You are invited to present your micro-innovations as micro-presentations, Pecha Kucha style. Come join us in celebrating the small wins in this big climb towards the future of learning.
(Hosted by UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture)

In a year like 2021, we cannot underestimate the impact of students’ wellbeing on academic outcomes. In the context of the Education Festival, we invite presentations about academic interventions and strategies that support students’ wellbeing, development and academic success, particularly through careful educational design and targeted curricular approaches.
(Hosted by UNSW Canberra & the Healthy Universities Initiative)

*Important to note: Although faculties are hosting particular themes, the Festival encourages cross-faculty participation. Presenters from any part of the university are warmly invited to contribute to the themes of interest.

Call for proposals

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All events within the festival are open to anyone across UNSW who is interested in Education. Some of the events will also be open to external participants.

Contact engage.pvcese@unsw.edu.au if you have any questions regarding the event.

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