Visualising the Future | Open Forum

“In a world of constant change, we need to be prepared - whether in creative practice, health, disaster management, advanced manufacturing, defence, or national security - enabling professionals to keep ahead of ever-changing technological challenges is a necessity”

UNSW Art & Design invites you to an open forum bringing together experts from industry and academia shaping the future of rapidly evolving immersive technologies and practices.

How can emergent technologies, methodologies and practices enable us to understand complex information, and harness new perspectives to help solve complex issues that we are facing right now?

Industry and UNSW academic panellists will highlight examples of effective uses of the latest interactive and immersive media, discuss the implications for future education and upskilling of our current and future workforce, explore the advantages of a human-centric design approach, and consider the development of new transdisciplinary approaches and models for collaboration.

The forum will be followed by light refreshments and short tours of the state of the art visualisation facilities on campus.

Guest panellists: 

Alisha Fisher Founder and Director, Asia Pacific Simulation Alliance (APSA).

Associate Professor John McGhee Director, 3D Visualisation Aesthetics Lab, UNSW Art & Design.

Ryan Stephenson Managing Director, Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

Scott Watkins General Manager, The ACE Training Centre, TOLL.

Tina Holmes Program Director Skills and Simulation, Ingham Institute Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre, Phase 3 Coordinator, South West Sydney Clinical School, UNSW Medicine.

Associate Professor Tomasz Bednarz Director of Visualisation, Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre (EPICentre), UNSW Art & Design. Team Leader, CSIRO Data61.



Image: Genomics Viewer at the EPICentre, UNSW Art & Design