What makes a quality SoTL publication?

A panel session with teaching and learning journal editors and reviewers  

This seminar is being offered to all our HEA-accredited UNSW staff and to those who are interested in obtaining HEA accreditation in the future. UNSW staff interested in publishing SoTL are also welcome.  

This session is an opportunity to hear from teaching and learning journal editors and reviewers on what makes a quality Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) publication. The panel will share their insights on what makes a quality publication submission, what editors/reviewers look for, common mistakes to avoid, identifying current areas of research need, tips to improve the quality of SoTL outputs, and more.  

Participants are welcome to submit questions in advance via the registration form.  


About the Speakers

Associate Professor Karsten Zegwaard headshot
Associate Professor Karsten Zegwaard

Karsten Zegwaard is Director of Work-Integrated Learning Research at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.  Karsten is Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, co-editor of the International Handbook on Work-Integrated Learning, and president of Work-Integrated Learning NZ (WILNZ).  Karsten has been the recipient of a number of international awards.  Karsten has been involved with work-integrated learning since 1998, and closely involved in the university-wide role out of compulsory WIL for undergraduate degrees.  Karsten’s research focus has been around skill development and learning through WIL, professional identity development, good practice, and WIL staff professional development needs.


Associate Professor Agnes Bosanquet headshot
Associate Professor Agnes Bosanquet

Agnes Bosanquet is Director, Learning and Teaching Staff Development at Macquarie University. She is an academic developer and higher education researcher. Her recent qualitative research focusses on critical university studies and changing academic roles and identities. Agnes was an Associate Editor for Higher Education Research & Development until recently and has reviewed articles for over 20 journals including Studies in Higher Education, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, Higher Education, Teaching in Higher Education and International Journal for Academic Development.


Dr Henk Huijser headshot
Dr Henk Huijser

Dr Henk Huijser is Senior Lecturer Curriculum and Learning Design, and Strategic Lead Learning and Teaching Development, Impact and Recognition at Queensland University of Technology, and he has been an academic developer for more than 15 years in Australia, China and the Middle East. He has an extensive SoTL-based publication record and is the co-author (with Megan Yih Chyn A Kek) of Problem-based Learning into the Future: Imagining an Agile PBL Ecology for Learning (2017, Springer). He is also the lead editor on a volume called Student Support Services, which was published in 2022, and a co-editor on another volume called Technology Enhanced Learning and the Virtual University. He is also a Co-Leader of an inaugural ISSOTL initiative called Public International Collaborative Writing Groups, which will be an important feature of the 2022 ISSOTL Conference. Henk is Associate Editor of the International Journal for Academic Development, the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, and the Journal of Peer Learning. Learn more