Short talks from isolation: Don't trust your teachers 

| 22 Aug 2020

What can we learn while we're apart?

Short talks from isolation series:

"Don't trust your teachers" by Professor Richard Buckland

Photo of Richard Buckland

I don’t want my students to be overly confident with what they know. I don’t even want them to be confident with what I know. I want them to be always questioning, so I lie to them. I tell them I’m going to, and I do it. Shamelessly and gleefully, I lie lie lie.

How can we learn to deal with the unexpected? And how can we teach the skills that the unexpected depends on – creativity, collaboration and never giving up? Cybersecurity expert Richard Buckland has learnt to lie to his students, and only provide them with half the story. Are the rewards of these surprising methods the thinking skills we need in a catastrophe?

About Richard Buckland

Scientia Education Fellow and Education Focussed academic Richard Buckland is a Professor of Cybersecurity at UNSW Engineering. Professor Buckland has taught over 10,000 students and is passionate about imparting the skill of critical thinking to his students. Professor Buckland is also the Director SECedu a cybersecurity education partnership between the Commonwealth Bank and UNSW.

Twitter: @ProfBuckland

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Illustrations designed by Juune Lee. Filmed and edited by Paper Moose. Footage filmed at the EPICentre, a UNSW research centre located at the Art & Design campus.


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