Learning Environments unveils Next-Level Learning with Digital Annotation in CATS


Published 4 December 2023

Digital Annotation in CATS

In a stride towards elevating the student learning experience, Learning Environments (PVCESE Innovation) is introducing Digital Annotation with Lectern Tracking Camera in Centrally Allocated Teaching Spaces (CATS). This new tech innovation empowers teachers to annotate and interact with digital content in both physical and virtual classrooms. 

The move caters to the dynamic needs of UNSW’s teaching and student communities, enhancing flexible teaching practices and overall learning experiences. By fostering engagement and enabling dynamic teaching methods, this innovation bridges the gap between traditional and online education. 

In time for teaching in Term 1, 2024, a total of eight CATS, including the newly refurbished Mathews Rooms 310 and 311, will feature this tech gem. The integration of a tracking camera at the lectern ensures an 'eye level' view for students during demonstrations and experiments. 

UNSW's teaching community can now request CATS equipped with Digital Annotation and Lectern Tracking Camera for a more interactive and engaging teaching environment during their timetable term planning process. 

Visit UNSW’s Learning Environments website to view the list of CATS which currently feature Digital Annotation with Lectern Tracking Camera. 

The future of education is here at UNSW! 🎓💻 #UNSWInnovation #TechInEducation #InteractiveLearning 


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