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Published 27 September 2022

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A recent special event for our Higher Education Academy Fellows shows that interest in publishing is growing among our UNSW's educators.

'What makes a quality SoTL publication?' was the title of an online guest panel session held on 9 September. Attracting over 130 registrants, it has demonstrated high demand for the topic of writing about the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching. The session was organised for UNSW’s Fellows of the Advance HE Academy and colleagues interested in pursuing the accreditation. And with extended invites, attendees included staff from 5 institutions across 7 countries.

The panel consisted of three respected learning and teaching journal editors and reviewers, Associate Professor Karsten ZegwaardAssociate Professor Agnes Bosanquet and Dr Henk Huijser. 

Key highlights of the event included tips for publishing, what editors look for in manuscript submissions, common mistakes made, as well as how to identify areas of research need and ways to increase the quality of your SoTL outputs.

For those new to publishing, exploring less formal avenues such as blogs can be an easy low-key precursor to SoTL publishing. The PVCESE Portfolio are starting to source blog articles for publishing on the Education & Student Experience website. These first-person accounts of the work done by our educators aim to share practice, enhance educational excellence, and build connections within our broader UNSW education community. If you have an idea for a blog topic please send submissions via the submission form.

Panel Discussion

Participant feedback from the panel session has been overwhelmingly positive: 

"Very informative session! Hope we can have more of this type of events or workshops to encourage writing and publishing in SOTL.”

"Thank you for the wonderful session. The tips of what is a good SOTL paper were very relevant."

The talk was part of a new series of events for UNSW's HEA Fellows and those interested in fellowship. Planning is underway for another event at the end of the year, with details to be provided shortly. The aim of these activities is to support existing and prospective HEA fellows at all categories, to connect, share practices and build networks. 

For further information contact Dr Anna Rowe, Senior Lecturer, SFHEA: a.rowe@unsw.edu.au 


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