English language support through embedded academic literacy and communication skills

English language support through embedded academic literacy and communication skills

This workshop will help UNSW educators surface areas for communication and academic literacy support in their courses and the challenges educators face in meeting these needs.

Using examples drawn from the undergraduate and postgraduate context at UNSW College, the presenters will showcase best practice examples of embedding academic literacy and communication skills in STEM, Business and Humanities contexts as well as share information about some successful English support initiatives at UNSW faculties.


Presenters: Brooke Donnelly, Maria Naidoo, Kimberley Duncan


About the presenters

Image of Brooke Donnelly

Brooke Donnelly is the Academic Head for Embedded English programs at UNSW College where she looks after delivery and quality in the Foundation, Diploma and Pre-masters programs. Brooke is responsible for supporting the team with implementing best practice in curriculum and assessment and steering the development of an embedded English support program across the Foundation and Diploma courses.


Image of Maria Naidoo

Maria Naidoo has managed ELICOS courses in Academic English Programs at UNSW College since 2017 and in this time has managed the University English Entry Courses (UEEC).Before this she worked as an ESL teacher, a resource writer and an Academic Manager in a range of contexts.Maria has been part of a range of English Language Support initiatives at UNSW, providing input on post-entry language support for international students in UNSW faculties. In 2021/2022, she supported the development of several intensive academic language workshops for the myEnglish Week initiative. Maria has co-convened the English Australia Direct Entry Program Special Interest Group since 2018. She received the English Australia Academic Leadership Award in 2021.She encourages staff development and wellbeing to support international student success and to manage the constant changes inherent to Academic English pathway programs.

Kimberley Duncan

Kimberley Duncan is the Deputy Director of Academic Programs at UNSW College, where she oversees the delivery of the Foundation, Diploma, and Pre-masters programs. She has over twenty years of experience in various educational contexts, starting her career as an ESL and Academic English Teacher before pursuing a Research Masters in the Genetics, which she taught for five years. Her unique background in both Science and Academic English teaching has fueled her passion for embedding academic literacies and communication into disciplines. Notably, she successfully managed a large-scale project to replace stand-alone literacy-building modules with more targeted, discipline-specific literacy-building activities embedded throughout the Foundation Program at Macquarie University College, resulting in higher engagement and uptake by students. Currently, Kimberley is collaborating with the Academic English Program Team at UNSW College, focusing on embedding academic literacies in the Foundation and Diploma Programs.