Personalising the UNSW experience: Staying human while working with the machine

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Presented by Associate Professor Simon McIntyre

How can we provide a truly personalised UNSW experience for students and staff by 2025?

We place great emphasis and value on providing a positive and rewarding experience for our students at UNSW. 

Student experience is of course not just something that happens in the classroom, but is continually composed of many thousands of individual contact points over their time with us with our people, curriculum, digital and physical facilities, support and administrative services, communications, social and professional clubs and societies, etc. 

It can be difficult to see the possible connections between these interactions to fully take advantage of everything on offer and tailor the UNSW experience to truly meet individual needs. Each student and staff member is unique, so how can we better help them succeed in such a complex environment?

This lecture begins to explore how we might begin to use our data to be proactive rather than reactive, what personalisation of an entire UNSW experience might actually mean, what benefits it might bring to the people in our community, and what questions we might need to keep in mind along the way.


About the Speaker

Simon McIntyre

Associate Professor Simon McIntyre is the Director, Educational Innovation at UNSW Sydney, a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA), and a member of the UNSW Scientia Education Academy. He is a multi-award winning educator, passionate about improving the effectiveness, quality and relevance of the student learning experience, and about pedagogically driven use of technology to innovate learning and teaching practices. He takes a design led and data informed approach to the personalisation of learning, appropriate integration and evaluation of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and immersive experiences into a balanced curriculum. Simon is committed to continuing to innovate, uncomplicate, improve, and reimagine the UNSW student experience.