The Student Experience: Making sense of data in a complex higher education era

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The Scientia Education Academy is delighted to welcome Dr Mollie Dollinger from Deakin University.

In a reprisal talk from this year’s Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) keynote, Dr Mollie Dollinger will discuss critical questions and insights on using data to inform the future of the student experience. Reflecting on the ongoing impacts of the paradigm wars in the social sciences, this Scientia Education Lecture will help us reflect on the contradictory signals higher education sends to students about the purpose and value of a university degree.   

It is now pertinent for us as a sector, leaders, policymakers, teachers, and staff, to recommit ourselves to the importance of evidence-informed approaches to understanding an increasingly complex, and diversified, student experience. Drawing on research from learning analytics and Students as Partners (SaP), Mollie will critique how we ‘capture’ student voices and challenge how we might conceptualise the student experience moving forward. 


About the Speaker

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Dr Mollie Dollinger

Senior Lecturer, Learning Futures at Deakin University

Dr Mollie Dollinger is an early-career higher education researcher and educator with a focus to improve equity and inclusion in our classrooms, campuses, and systems. Central to her approach is a commitment to participatory design methodology, including Students as Partners (SaP) and co-design methods which recognise and embed the lived experiences of participants to generate new ideas and solutions. She has previously led the creation of two university-wide SaP programs and has applied her passion for inclusion and co-design towards research on a range of higher education topics, including learning analytics, student governance, and graduate employability. Mollie is currently a Senior Lecturer with the Learning Futures team at Deakin University.