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Themed events in 2023

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Transformative pedagogies and technologies in online postgraduate education

Hosted by: UNSW Canberra

Day: Monday 20 November, 10am - 1.30pm 

Format: Hybrid - MS Teams & Building 32, Lecture Theatre 07, UNSW Canberra

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Looking into the Black Mirror: AI and the Future of Legal Education

Hosted by: UNSW Law & Justice

Day: Monday 20 November, 3.30 - 5pm

Format: On campus - Law Building, Law Theatre G04

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The Campus Connection

Event recording not available

Hosted by: UNSW Engineering

Day: Tuesday 21 November, 8:30am - 3:30pm

Format: On campus - UNSW Roundhouse

How can our 'campus' maximise learning? What is the ‘campus’ experience and how do we create learning benefits outside traditional campus boundaries?

This theme explored how our stakeholders engage with the UNSW campus and how we can maximise learning outcomes. Presenters discussed the concept of what a ‘campus’ is and how we can create benefits outside of traditional campus boundaries. Presenters contemplated how the campus experience extends to various locations, the utilisation of physical spaces for flexible learning, and the symbiotic relationship between the virtual and physical. Together, we aim to create a holistic campus environment that fosters community, inspires academic excellence, and adapts to the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

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Back to the Literature: Learning theories in the age of digital participants

Hosted by: UNSW Medicine & Health

Day: Tuesday 21 November, 12 - 5.30pm

Format: Hybrid- MS Teams & AGSM, Pioneer International Theatre

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AI-Enhanced Education: Navigating the future of learning

Hosted by: UNSW Science

Day: Wednesday 22 November, 9am - 12:30pm

Format: Hybrid- MS Teams & Webster Theatre A

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Innovative Assessment Design through Creativity, Collaboration and Inclusion

Hosted by: UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture

Day: Wednesday 22 November, 11am - 4pm

Format: Hybrid - MS Teams & Anita B. Lawrence Centre, H13 G001 Lawrence Theatre

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Engaging Industry in Education

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Hosted by: UNSW Business

Day: Thursday 23 November, 9am - 1pm

Format: On campus - Colombo Theatre B & MS Teams for some

At this year's Education Festival, we explored how the UNSW Business School's mission is achieved, with a particular focus on the engagement of industry in education. Themes included the role of industry in helping us design and develop our curriculum and graduate attributes, the involvement of industry in teaching and delivery, how industry participation assists authentic assessment and student engagement, and the way graduates in industry can be brought back into the classroom and into co-curricular activities.

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Scientia Education Academy: Sharing Knowledge, Practice, and Awards

Hosted by: UNSW Scientia Education Academy

Day: Thursday 23 November, 2 - 5.30pm

Format: Hybrid - MS Teams & UNSW Teaching Commons

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Wellbeing at UNSW: Connection for support

Hosted by: UNSW Student Wellbeing CoP

Day: Friday 24 November, 9.30am - 2pm (plus Yoga 8.30 - 9.10am)

Format: Hybrid - MS Teams & UNSW Roundhouse (Rooms 2 - 4, Upstairs)

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Festival Finale: Lunchtime Expo Gallery 

Event recording not available

Hosted by: PVCESE Portfolio

Day: Friday 24 November, 12.30 - 2pm

Format: On campus - UNSW Roundhouse (Main Room, Ground Floor)

From informal digital posters to snippets from Immersive & VR outputs, the gallery session encouraged interaction and exchange of ideas. While the theme was open, the overarching focus was on the future. How do we keep enhancing the educational experience at UNSW?

Student Support Services EXPO

Teams available include: 

  • Arc
  • Mental Health Connect
  • UNSW Health Service
  • Health Promotion Unit
  • Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)
  • Equitable Learning Services (ELS)
  • Student Support Advisors
  • Academic Skills Support
  • English Language Support Initiative

PVCESE teams available include:

  • Education Technology Support (ETS)
  • Immersive Team

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Festival Finale: Keynote Conversation, Awards & Celebrations

Hosted by: PVCESE Portfolio

Day: Friday 24 November, 2 - 5pm

Format: Hybrid - Zoom & UNSW Roundhouse (Main Room, Ground Floor)

In this year's enhanced session, we celebrated UNSW winners of education awards and learned which of their achievements led to the accolades. 

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Edu Fest Chill-out Space in the Teaching Commons

Hosted by: The Teaching Commons

Days: Open every day Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm

Format: On campus - Teaching Commons

Attendees were able to pop by the Teaching Commons during the festival week for a mini-magnum, cuppa and a break between the events and festivities!

Festival Opening livestream viewing

Monday 10.00am - 1.30pm

Livestream from Canberra of their event: Transforming pedagogies and technologies in postgraduate online education 

Looking back on the 2023 Education Festival

Returning for its third run, UNSW's Education Festival 2023 brought our community together again to celebrate our education and educators across the institution. 

Following the opening session taking place at UNSW Canberra and livestreamed, most of the events and activities were held on the Kensington Campus, with most of them offering hybrid options for remote access and being recorded (find available recordings inside each theme accordion above or visit the YouTube playlist)


Festival highlights and statistics 

UNSW Education Festival 2023 showcased 11 events stretching across all faculties and included cross-faculty hosts taking part this year, covering a variety of topics. 

The events boasted insightful talks, impressive keynotes, student panel discussions and workshops, and provided colleagues ample opportunities to share and discuss key learnings from 2023. 

Talking statistics, the Festival saw a total of 200 presenters, delivering 128 presentations across the week. Close to 1000 participants attended the events, which demonstrates the growing excitement and appetite for education events. 

According to feedback, UNSW’s Education Festival continues to live up to its name as the biggest education event of the year for our community.  


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