2023 UNSW EF Visiting Teaching Fellowships


Published 24 October 2023

2023 EF Visiting Teaching Fellows

Clockwise from top left: UNSW Hosts: Associate Professor Helen Gibbon, Dr Chantal Bostock, Dr Irène Renaud-Assemat, Dr Natalie Oh, and Visiting Fellows: Professor Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi, Associate Professor Irina Lazar, Professor Sally Kift


The UNSW Visiting Teaching Fellowships, funded by the Education Focussed (EF) program, are designed to build the profile and connections of the UNSW education community with highly regarded educators across the tertiary sector in Australia and internationally. Initiated by a UNSW EF academic staff member, the EF Visiting Teaching Fellowships provide opportunities to develop educational collaborations and facilitate interaction and engagement with UNSW staff and students.  

We are thrilled to announce that the highly competitive 2023 UNSW EF Visiting Teaching Fellowships have been awarded to: 

  • Dr Chantal Bostock & Associate Professor Helen Gibbon to host Professor Sally Kift, Australia 
  • Dr Irene Renaud-Assemat to host Associate Professor Irina Lazar, University College London, United Kingdom 
  • Dr Natalie Oh to host Professor Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi, University of Mannheim, Germany 

The first of these visits will take place in November 2023, with Chantal Bostock & Helen Gibbon hosting Professor Kift for an engaging series of activities and events including at the third annual UNSW Education Festival and the UNSW Legal Education Research Conference

For more information on the UNSW EF Visiting Teaching Fellowship program head to EF Central.


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